is giving away 5 “Wolfman” prize packs today

A. Quinton — Jun. 1st 2010

I’ll keep this short because you need to get over to and see how the giveaway works. You’ll need a Twitter account and a fast finger on your browser’s refresh button. You’ll also need to be a resident of the United States. Here’s what you could win:

  • A limited edition Basil Gogos lithograph signed by the artist and by Benicio Del Toro (yes, it’s the lithograph I posted about in January).
  • The Wolfman Blu-ray 2-Disc edition featuring an unrated director’s cut, digital copy and the old black & white version for good measure.
  • A fang key chain.
  • A glow in the dark cup.

I’m a Canadian so I’m not eligible to participate. If you win, tell me about it so I can experience the triumph vicariously!

  • Mac

    I’m keeping an eye out, but no luck so far. Kind of hard to jump on this while I’m at work unfortunately.

  • Baeroth

    Wow, thanks for the info! I actually won!

  • Congratulations, Baeroth! Email me some pics of your swag if you want to show it off.

  • Darkhealm

    ._. I live in Brazil, so i wans’t able to try it ._.

    But i really wanted that blu-ray D=