MTV Orders 12 Episodes of the New “Teen Wolf” Series, Which Might Not be Terrible

A. Quinton — May. 28th 2010

According to Deadline’s TV Editor Nellie Andreeva, MTV has officially ordered Teen Wolf to series. Word is that MTV asked for 12 episodes, which is a pretty confident move on their part. Get ready for the wacky hijinks of high school dork Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) as he recovers from a wolf attack and learns about his amazing new powers, which include the ability to… “attract girls”? Oh for fuck’s sake. I need to stop kidding myself. This is going to be “Big Wolf on Campus” but with designer clothes and product placement, isn’t it.

  • Ryan

    I loved Big Wolf on Campus.

  • zockereinstein

    Yep, all that has been said around the web could take us to the conclusion that the show is going to suck: teenage characters for teenage brainless public (ala Twilight, enough said), just “partial” transformation, the “attract girls” stupid idea… come on, what more else do you need? Pink hair werewolves?

  • Mac

    I feel compelled to fess up and admit that I, too, liked Big Wolf On Campus.

  • ArcLight

    Doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as Big Wolf On Campus….

  • Shadowfang

    I personally couldn’t stand Big Wolf on Campus. I also loathed Teen Wolf. The hater pants on are definitely on for the “high school student using his ‘powers’ to enhance his social status”.

  • Mac

    Ah, but the character in Big Wolf On Campus doesn’t improve his social status. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. He’s trying to hide it more than anything.