“The Wrong Night in Texas” – a Straight-Up Horror Graphic Novel by Joshua Boulet

A. Quinton — Apr. 25th 2010

I got an email from Joshua Boulet the other day; he wanted to tell me about a 115-page graphic novel he spent 5 years creating. It’s called “The Wrong Night in Texas” and is available directly from the man himself for $10 + $5 shipping. Over the course of the 10-page preview I saw a tornado, a naked guy covered in carved-in pentagrams, a well-executed three-and-a-half page transformation scene and the most gruesomely excellent eyeball-removal ever (“SLAP”). I’m going to try to obtain a copy so I can check out the other 105 pages, but I have a good feeling about it, especially after looking at some of Joshua’s other endeavours.

  • Roukas

    Ah, it should be interesting to see how Randi became a werewolf. That’s usually the facet of werewolf stories that intrigues (and often frightens) me the most.

    And damn, that guy fighting the werewolf is HARD-CORE. Not only does he keep grappling the beast down after getting an eye ripped out, but he smack-talks and goes for the werewolf’s own eye! RARR!

  • trust me… I’ve read it and it’s BONKERS! Boulet takes his time developing the characters so that when the entrails start flying, you actually give a damn!
    good stuff!

  • I’ve read it too. What I loved about it when I read it is that it’s absolutely unrelenting. It’s horror. Point blank. NOT TWILIGHT.

    Great drawing, great werewolf scenes, and nasty nasty horror moments.

    We could all use a few more books like this on our shelves.