Benicio and Blunt For Your Walls! Two Official “Wolfman” Posters

A. Quinton — Nov. 15th 2009

Fire up your printers and make sure you have lots of black ink or toner! Here are printable (150 dpi) copies of the lovely new posters / one-sheets for The Wolfman. Click to download!

Wolfman Poster 1

Wolfman Poster 2

  • Pretty badass. Only three more months left to wait!

  • Excellent.
    Werewolf Pride!

  • I cant fucken wait

  • Roukas

    Great aesthetic for the poster series. Folklore-ish, sinister, yet suggestive and latent with arooow!

  • Still can’t figure out why there’s no sinister shadow lurking in the woods behind Blunt.

  • Roukas

    Lol, this is crack-headed, but just for the hell of it, they should have put the little heading of “They mostly come out at night, mostly” somewhere on the poster. Oh Newt, your memorable dialogue should live on whether it’s in an alien movie or not! Rarrr!

  • Mac


    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that.