Rambo V: Rambo Vs. Werewolves?

A. Quinton — Oct. 22nd 2009

Rambo V one-sheetWe need to coin a new term, werewolf fans… a word that we can use to describe something that is simultaneously terrible and great. Something like Kung Pow‘s “badong“. It would take such a world to describe Rambo V: The Savage Hunt, in which Sylvester Stallone’s army-of-one takes on the escaped product of a covert genetic engineering experiement run by the US government. This experiment is a “nearly indestructible creature of incredible cunning and savagery“– a creature that looks an awful lot like a werewolf, according to this hastily-Photoshopped-but-official one-sheet. Thanks to Viergacht for the info!

So… “good-bad”… goobad?

  • I coined the term “awfulsome” to describe things that are both awesome and awful — and therefore awesome in their awfulness (but not awful in their awesomeness). Rambo V qualifies.

  • Nate, you have done the world a service. “Awfulsome” it is!

  • Berserker

    As long as Stallone is behind the wheel, it’ll at least be entertaining in some shallow way.