“Astounding Wolf-Man #25 Cover” by Jason Howard

A. Quinton — Aug. 1st 2009

Astounding Wolf-Man #25 Cover by Jason Howard
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Jason Howard does the killer artwork for The Astounding Wolf-Man, which you need to be reading if you’re not already doing so. I’m not going to talk about why this picture is awesome, or why dragoniaKMP submitted it as a suggested Weekly Werewolf image. I mean, just look at it. Jason Howard knows how to draw bad-ass werewolves, and if you need further proof, check out his DeviantArt gallery or pick up a copy of the lastest Astounding Wolf-Man.

  • Astounding Wolf Man werewolf art would be so much better if they were digitigrade.

  • See, I’m actually really happy that they’re plantigrade. Digitigrade just doesn’t make sense for a creature that walks upright.

  • Roukas

    There’s a great rendition on Howard’s DA site of a werewolf decked out in special ops gear. But damn it, couldn’t they come up with a better name for the series than The Astounding Wolf-Man? No doubt he’s astounding in some ways, but I could think of a hundred corny lycanthrope titles that could be better than that.

    I agree that plantigrade is more practical if your beast is going to spend most of his/her time walking upright, although some artists are great at drawing plantigrade beasties with an inclination to walk on their toes, ready to leap.

  • I have some bad news about Wolf-Man. Robert Kirkman has decided to end the series at issue 25.