2010 Werewolf Calendar

Mike Roukas — Aug. 31st 2009

It looks like artists like Dark Natasha, Goldenwolf, and Synnabar have joined forces to become a lycanthropic strikeforce of pure awesome… and create a werewolf-themed calendar for 2010. Check out their well-drawn and nuanced images at WerewolfCalendar.com.

  • Roukwolf, I want you to know that it took every ounce of self control in my possession to keep from adding a cheesy “never miss another full moon!” line to your post.

  • So cool!

  • Dragoniakmp

    Those werewolves are all too pretty. I want a snarly, evil werewolf calendar.

  • Berserker

    Some of the pics are almost too New Age for me, but I’m always up for “realistic” werewolves. Nice calendar.

  • Viergacht

    The art is well done, but the “werewolves” all look like wolves with human arms frolicking in the woods or standing around with native american jewelry looking mystical. Boring.

  • Roukas

    @ Viergacht,

    I see where you’re coming from. The pseudo Native American thing doesn’t jive well with lycanthropes. It’s usually only the white human tourists who fall for that and the weird dreamcatcher earring phenomenon.

    I think an artist/inventor of any mythological creature has to consider form following function. I really like the more feral design where the beast looks like it can do some rudimentary human tasks:

    Others prefer the human element to be prioritized a bit more:

    I’m guessing it all depends on what you want your werewolf to do and how you want it to live!

  • Berserker

    I think the point of the calendar is to mimic those nature photography wolf calendars that you see occasionally. So, not much action. I agree that some of the anatomy is better than others, depending on the artist.

  • Mac

    I personally like a lot of the new-age style werewolf artists out there. (Goldenwolf and Kyoht for example.) I think there’s enough room in the werewolf universe for them to play alongside the more vicious lycanthropic illustrations as well as “traditional” werewolf designs. The more the merrier!