Official Michael Jackson “This Is It” Tour T-Shirt Designs Include Thriller Werewolf

A. Quinton — Jul. 8th 2009

Michael Jackson Thriller Werewolf T-Shirt

Before he passed away, Michael Jackson was getting ready for “This Is It”, a 50-show residency at London’s O2 Arena. Now that Michael’s gone, refunds are being issued for tickets, but the official Michael Jackson tour web shop is still selling This Is It merchandise, including this “Cartoon Thriller video Michael Jackson Werewolf shirt“. Questions of taste and decorum aside, I want this shirt.

  • IA

    Didn’t Jackson actually play a werecat in Thriller?

  • The creature design certainly had some feline attributes, but it was a werewolf.

  • In the “Making of” video, Rick Baker call is it a cat monster. So yeah, MJ was a werecat.

    (you must see the ‘making of’ if only to hear MJ’s undubbed “howls.”)

  • Dang it! Foiled by facts!

  • Roukwolf

    Well, at least that’s the must lupine feline I’ve ever seen. MJ’s howl probably isn’t as grandiose or intimidating as it should be though.

    But MJ was definitely on the right track with the creation of his were-character. The idea of a moonwalking, funky fresh werewolf in a varsity jacket is something our society needs more than cold fusion. Lil’ Wayne can’t even begin to step up to this.

  • I’m not anything close to a fan of MJ but I’ll give him full props for the “Thriller” video. I still love it. That and “Ben” are his two best songs. (tho really – “Ben” is a love song to a rat – are you surprised how the guy turned out?)

    “MJ’s howl probably isn’t as grandiose or intimidating as it should be though.” – Yeah…you could say that. Of course, since this is the age of the internet, everything is online. Watch the ‘making of’ someday when you have time.

  • Tim

    I bought another “This is It” Michael Jackson t-shirt online, with Michael Jackson as a zombie at Hot Topics. I think this Michael Jackson as a wearwolf is cool too. I’m surprised that this one wasn’t sold at Hot Topics or wherever other licenced Michael Jackson shirts are for sale. I think the more Michael Jackson shirts there are for his fans, the better. They’ll buy them.

  • Sergent

    The werewolf shirt is available at Hot Topics. At least online:

    By the way, I found the signature on my shirt and here’s the link to the artist who drew the Zombie and Werewolf designs: