Leather Paw Shoes and Gloves

A. Quinton — Jul. 2nd 2009

Leather Paw Shoes

Leather Paw Gloves

Werewolf News reader Nathan Roe sent me a link to these amazing pieces of leatherwork by Bob Basset. They’re not specifically for a werewolf outfit, but it’s not hard to imagine them looking awesome in that context. Let me save you some time– it appears they were made for a private collector, and aren’t for sale.

  • Jax

    I really want those shoes….I would probably get over excited at the concept of leaving padded paw tracks wherever I walked. Ingenious.

  • Zooey

    Please, please, someone make me these.

  • Amethyst

    I sooooo want a pair. Looks really awesome.

  • redjac

    I keep seeing those boots on my bass player friend with his kilts for stage wear… awesome!

  • Carol

    How do I commission a pair for myself? Or something similar?

  • Furthea

    The person who designed these could make a killing by semi-mass-producing them. I would do a great deal to get a pair in tan or white that were made to fit my feet.

  • Manne Dingo

    I don’t understand what is wrong with the maker of this product. NOWHERE this photo has been published on line has there NOT been scores of people been crying out for a pair of their own. Why is it no one sees there is the potential here to make a TON of money? MAKE THEM ALREADY. I want a pair for meself!

  • I have a feeling that Bob (justifiably) views each piece of his work as a unique art object, rather than a product, but I agree that he stands to make a lot of money if he decides to mass-produce these items (or at least provide them to those who are willing to commission them). There’s a market… maybe someone else can fill the demand!

  • Jeremy Keen

    Were can I buy one of those Shoes, and Gloves? If you only made one pair of them, please make more of them.