Werewolves Are Boring

A. Quinton — Jun. 8th 2009

Well, no, they’re not, but at the moment there’s a lack of interesting werewolf news out there (unless you care about Twilight, but as we’ve discussed before, Twilight doesn’t actually have any werewolves in it). Expect some new art from around the web in the next few days, and if you have anything else cool and werewolf-related, send it in!

  • Bleh, I guess summer isn’t really werewolf season. On that note, did anyone see the Twilight movie trailer that had a guy shift into a wolf at the end?

  • King2wolves

    The werewolves in Twilight are werewolves. They’re just not the ones were accostomed to, even the books tell’s us that their not true werewolves, they’re shapeshifters/werewolves..

  • Andrew

    Shadowfang: yes, I saw it. I recorded my reaction on the Werewolf News Twitter account. The “transformation” was about as passionate and enthralling as an ice cube melting on linoleum.

    King2wolves: The Twilight shapeshifters are not werewolves, they’re silly and uninspired contrivances magicked up by the author for maximum sexy-mystical appeal to the tween demographic.

  • I can only echo your great disappointment in the Twilight werewolves. They should not even use the term. King2wolves is more accurate – they are the native american shapeshifters.

    The blood and guts have been taken out of both the vamps and the wolves, but then this series has never claimed to be a horror. I guess we will have to look elsewhere.

  • Jessica

    Haha yes, we’ve already had this discussion. Shapeshifters and werewolves are not the same thing, and the notion that they come from Native American tribes is not new and something we’re unaccustomed to, as it has been folklore with Native Americans since folklore just existed, as they shapeshifted with bears and panthers. Stephanie Meyers is just a wannabe author of trite words on paper to get across of a love story. And it disgusts me that for WHATEVER reason she seems to have been used as a beacon of hope for horrible romance authors to get their last great work out about the love between vampires or werewolves. It’s grotesque and I do not appreciate it at all…Working at a bookstore is becoming taxing because of it, honestly, and having to put up with people who lecture me because that’s the only thing they’ve read and I tell them I haven’t read it, ugh. Well anyway, now that I got that out of my system…I’m sure actual werewolf things will pick up this summer, as halloween gets closer and things get refreshed. Everything comes in waves and you always have done a wonderful job of letting us know everything. So do not be disheartened, and I will try to find things to submit. :D


  • Laughing Hyena

    Well, you missed out on reporting Monsterpalooza, which I went to in Burbank. They had a lot of werewolf/wolfman stuff there. Plus I got a signed copy of Strangeways.

    The Twilight “werewolves” are a horrible mess. I wouldn’t touch that series either.
    I’m also tired of the whole Native mystical BS and hope the media can stay true to the uncensored Native stories rather than the stereotypes I always see. Some of the Native American Shapeshifters are as scary as Werewolves and I wished I would get that angle at least once in a while.

    Like the Navajo skin walkers or the Chumash Bear shamans. For non-shapeshifter scary things: Where are the giant rolling human-eating heads? Ah, I read way too much folklore and myths.

  • Berserker

    I have a feeling Werewolf News didn’t post about the Twilight trailer not because it wasn’t werewolf-related, but because everyone and their cousin probably knew about it already.

  • king2wolves

    The Quileute werewolves used to be shapeshifters, but do to a certain ancestor. They no longer have the ability to change into other animals, only wolves. The very definition of a werewolf is “a person who changes into a wolf”, so by definition they are werewolves. But again, they’re the not the werewolves were most familiar with.

    I will say this, i will watch new moon, most likely rent it, solely because i love werewolves and wolves.

  • Andrew

    @Laughing Hyena: I’ve never even heard of that event, but now that I’ve Googled it, I wish I lived a lot closer to Burbank! How was it?

    @Berserker: I didn’t post about the trailer because Twilight doesn’t have anything to do with werewolves, as far as I’m concerned. That’s it.

    @king2wolves: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I have neither the time nor the interest to create a new category of werewolves in my head simply to indulge one popular author’s marginally creative dalliances. The Twilight werewolves are rich in the pseudo-native stylings that I (and other readers of this site) find boring and tiresome, and are devoid of the monster/animal/human hybrid characteristics that I care about. Hence, I do not post about Twilight (despite the great SEO value such posts would have)– I simply don’t consider them werewolves, and consequently don’t give two shits about them.