“Queer Wolf” Available In Paperback

A. Quinton — Jun. 10th 2009

Queer Wolf“, an anthology of werewolf stories that would undoubtedly make Carrie Prejean frown in prim distaste, is now available from Amazon as a 300-page trade paperback. Sink your fabulously painted claws into this description:

The debut anthology from James EM Rasmussen’s QueeredFiction is an entertaining and varied collection, boasting such talents as Charlie Cochrane and Ginn Hale. Lovers of the lycan will find much to slaver over here: from the werewolf wanabee to the lovers-through-time, to waifs and strays. From the carnal to the violent to the passionate, this anthology will wag your tail, I guarantee it.

Thanks to James for giving Werewolf News the heads-up!

  • yiff yiff yiff yiff

  • Kris

    You can read this kinda thing online for free, but the positive reviews…well, it’s on the book’s site, so maybe not to be trusted entirely. Check other sources first for reviews (like maybe Amazon, where you’ll get the bad with the good).

    Cool that there’s an anthology about same-sex werewolf pairings though.