Gladiators V Werewolves Concept Art By Martin Rezard

A. Quinton — May. 20th 2009

Remember earlier in the week I was asking if anyone had a larger version of the Gladiators V Werewolves artwork I posted?

Gladiators V Werewolves - Longscar by Martin Rezard

This is Longscar, created by Martin Rezard in zbrush and Photoshop. I found this posted on Creature Spot, a “gallery, a blog, and a spot for all creature fans to flock to.” Awesome site, awesome artwork and hopefully indicative of an awesome movie!

  • Needs a tail and less armor ;)

  • Roukas

    This Longscar rendition looks very much like a model / figurine. If I could get my hands on one, I’d put him on my desk next to Jon Talbain, and they would form a guardianship that would forever prevent my ferret from crawling up my workstation to mess with my printer.

    That being said, I’d love to see him in combat. Being able to use a weapon while having the option to bite and pull an enemy down! That’s great movie-material. Please, Hollywood. Do NOT screw this one up.

  • Andrew

    I’ve never needed a tail on my werewolves. If one’s there I don’t mind, but to me it’s not as important as, say, really good claws or proportional ears.

    Interesting that this was done in zbrush, the same 3D app that Rick Baker was (is?) using for concept art on The Wolfman.

  • Silverclaw

    Does this look like the concept art to the Prince Caspian werewolf, or is it just me?

    Sounds like this has a lot of potential; hope it turns out good :)

  • Tail or no tail this is AWESOME! I would kill to have a large resin figure of this on my desk.

    Although, a tail would help him balance a little bit. Regardless, bravo! Good to see there are others who know how to properly create a modern werewolf!

  • Roukas

    Tail or GTFO.

    (just messing ;)

  • Kynth

    needs an eviscerated roman

  • a guy who like werewolfs

    tail or no tail it stel good(in this case, i other case i prefer when the werewolfs have a tail) it need to be more hairy in the legs.
    But anyway I CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVEIE and i hope with this movie dont be canceled like the Dog Soldiers 2.

    and imagine see one of those in your front

    i would say: wow i liked.

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  • shade

    i prefer werewolves with tails but its not bad.. though it could use more hair

  • *sigh* I wish it had a tail…. :(