Darkstalkers Tribute Art Book from UDON Entertainment

A. Quinton — May. 25th 2009

Darkstalkers Tribute - Talbain and Felicia

Tandemonium has alerted me to UDON Entertainment’s Darkstalkers Tribute book, which sounds like the holy grail for fans of the video game series‘ iconic art and character design. Expect plenty of Jon Talbain art!

Inside are nearly 300 pages of artwork portraying the Darkstalkers cast in a feverish array of styles and designs, from tightly rendered realistic paintings through to abstract and iconic interpretations. This is a lush video game art gallery in a book, bursting with inspiration and energy on every page.

The book is a nice fat hardcover edition, and you can pre-order it straight from UDON’s site for $80 US + shipping. It will also be available at a number of anime and video game conventions, including Anime Expo, Otakon and Penny Arcade Expo. Preorders through the web site ship in August.

  • So THAT’S how a werewolf sits in a chair!

  • Roukas

    You have no idea how refreshing this news is…especially after coming home from a Starbucks that would play nothing but pseudo-hippy music and had pseudo-vintage Italian art decor on the walls. Talbain is one of my childhood cartoon heroes and the reason I learned the spinning wheel kick. Exploring the links you provided now…

  • Leghia (LAY-UH)

    I love this picture. It just goes to show that total opposites really can attract, just like me and my boyfriend. He’s a vampire, sorry to anyone who doesn’t like that!