“Bane Of The Werewolf” – Retro Werewolf Comic

A. Quinton — May. 9th 2009

Bane of the Werewolf 1 - cover

A while ago, ArcLight sent me a note about a werewolf comic called Bane Of The Werewolf. I haven’t actually had a look at it until now, and I like what I see! It’s a retro-revival creation, very gothic in its art and story– the web site describes it as being “akin to the silver-age horror comics produced in the 1970s, with guidance taken from black and white, classic horror films of the 1930s-40s.”  It looks like a labour of love created, written and illustrated by Rob E. Brown (of Marvel Comics & Chaos Comics). You can pick up issue 1 (pictured above) from Silver Phoenix Entertainment, and a preview of issue 2 is available on the Bane Of The Werewolf blog.

  • Roukas

    I remember thoroughly enjoying the werewolf vs. werewolf fight in “Wolf” with Jack Nicholson, and it looks like the similar conflict here could be even better. I haven’t been in a comic book shop in at least two years…I should be more on top of things!

    Also, the whole idea of werewolf origins fascinates me; I love seeing how each different author / creator will conceive of how such a creature could come into being! That’s usually what creates the delicious terror for me, not the ensuing slash-fests.