Brooke Shields and The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

A. Quinton — Apr. 18th 2009

ArcLight wrote in with a link to some news that’s happening in my own backyard. Filming for the Nickelodeon horror-comedy The Boy Who Cried Werewolf wrapped up yesterday in Victoria, BC. It stars Brooke Shields as Madame Varcolac, the caretaker of a Romanian castle recently inherited by an American family. The title might look familiar, but apparently it’s got nothing to do with the 1973 film of the same name (which is a relief– how many remakes do we need?).

Co-writer and executive producer Doug Sloan thinks the time is right for more werewolf movies, whether they’re comedy, horror or both.

“Right now there seems to be this movement in Hollywood’s collective consciousness that werewolves have come out again,” he says. “There’s the lycan thing, the Underworld franchise that has a lot of werewolf in it, and Twilight…. What’s happening now with visual effects, makeup and creatures has come so far. The werewolves will be scary. They won’t be funny, playing basketball. Kids love to be scared.”

The cynic in me wants to write this off as a family-friendly money-grab by movie producers who know that werewolves are the new vampires, but the kid in me is excited by the idea of a silly, playful but scary werewolf movie being filmed in a castle 5 minutes away from where I used to live. And I’d rather listen to kids than cynics.

  • Sounds interesting! Just please let it be American Werewolf in London funny and not Teen Wolf funny!

  • Brooke Shields is still around? Call me oblivious

  • Doruk

    Or at least Monster Squad funny… The AWiL brand of funny is not exactly “family-friendly” :P

  • Roukas

    The Nickelodeon backing does make me want to cross my fingers, although I will say that I’m very interested in what Sloan has to say about the revival of werewolves in the “collective consciousness” of Hollywood. The werewolf myth is a very potent and versatile one, and I’m all for Hollywood tapping into as many Jungian resources as it likes. The Dark Knight proved that old wine can reside beautifully in new wineskins, and hopefully our lycanthropic friends can step up to the plate likewise.

  • Izzi

    OMG Victoria Jutice was there and i met her.. OMG WOO HOO

  • m

    Scenes are also being shot in Britannia Beach, BC, this week.

  • nickachow

    this movie is great!!!! a must see! I loved it!!!!!

  • Baker Boi

    I Watched the movie and there is a song that was played during the movie. does anyone have any clue on the songs that were played and who song them