Naptime Is Over

A. Quinton — Jan. 30th 2009

Hey. I inadvertently took s few weeks off… again. Good thing I’m not getting paid to run this site, huh? :D

No, seriously, time to get back to it. More updates, features and Weekly Werewolf Art coming up this weekend. Thanks for reading.

  • Roukas

    Rarr indeed. I’m going through a pretty busy season of life right now, but when it’s over (three months or so?), I’ll be all over this place.

  • ShadowFang


  • Aust

    Yayy!! This place is my set homepage and nothings been up for a while so everytime I opened the internet I was sad… But now I’m happy that I know this place hasn’t died!!!

  • poop

    Well, don’t keep us waiting or anything.

  • Andrew

    It touches me that you cared that much, Poop. <3

  • poop

    But of course! This is only the best werewolf site out there. i just can’t take the anticipation!