Strangeways: Murder Moon

A. Quinton — Aug. 15th 2008

Summer 2008 is a good time for werewolf comics and graphic novels! The latest one to drop is Strangeways: Murder Moon, written by Matt Maxwell and illustrated by Luis Guaragna. It’s a western, set shortly after the civil war. A plot summary from the Strangeways blog:

It’s 1868, and former army officer Seth Collins seeks to escape the horrors of the Civil War by traveling the frontier. Answering an urgent letter from his estranged sister, Collins finds himself under attack by a strange creature that is neither man nor wolf. When his friend and partner Webster is accused of being the beast, Collins must track down the real threat. But which will kill him first: the Wolf, or the secret that the sheriff of Silver Hand is trying to keep buried?

If you’re interested, you can meet the werewolf and check out the effectively grungy and dark art style in this free PDF preview of chapter one.

  • Roukas

    This preview looks intriguing, and I like the unorthodox beginning where the werewolf seems to have an agenda that he can actually put into words. Most artists and writers of werewolf fiction introduce their lycanthropes in a flash of clawed, fanged insanity. How easy it is to forget the ‘were’ element of werewolf in the first place!

    Who knows, the story could take a plunge later on…but I like where the writer is going and I like the artist’s technique of human / animal blending.

    I’ll be on the lookout for this baby in the mall bookstores that I chill in.

  • Heya guys. Thanks for the writeup and interest. Folks might want to know that I’m giving away copies of MURDER MOON during the serialization of the second STRANGEWAYS book, called THE THIRSTY (cowboys and vampires, and a whole lot more).

    Head on over to to catch up on the story and read the whole damn thing for free as it comes out. Copies of MURDER MOON are being given away on Wed/Thurs, with winners announced every Friday.