“Lykanthrop” by cibex

A. Quinton — Aug. 29th 2008

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Check out this fellow. Is he bemused? Is he irritated? Is he appraising the potential tastiness of your femur? Only cibex knows for sure! Indeed, it’s the expression and the bold colouring of this piece that caught my eye. There’s a wonderful sentience to this werewolf, and if you take a look through cibex’s DeviantArt gallery, sketch blog or portfolio site, you’ll find that much of her excellent art is composed of vibrant colours and kinetic expressions. If you like what you see and want some of your own werewolf art, check her DA page— although the slots are currently closed, she does take commissions!

  • Roukas

    Ah, a sharp, somewhat cynical, easy-going werewolf! I like how he’s jet black all over (when has straight black NOT looked right on a werewolf?). I love how he’s got spiky lupine tufts on his joints, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how he’s built to walk on either two legs or four…or on two legs and two arms/hands, or however you want to describe it.

    Gaunt but not emaciated, he definitely looks functional (and almost GQ!) in the most feral of ways, and I think that’s where his beauty comes from.