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The best way to get your monster- or horror-related product, service or company in front of thousands of Werewolf News readers is with an exclusive one-week sponsorship.

In 2015 Werewolf News averaged 15,000 monthly pageviews from over 6,000 unique visitors. To inquire about sponsoring Werewolf News, please email A. Quinton.

Rates & Availability

Werewolf News has been booked through May 31st 2017.

June 2017 $40
July 2017 $40
August 2017 $40
September 2017 $45
October 2017 $50
November 2017 $40
December 2017 $40

Prices are in US dollars.

What you get with a Werewolf News sponsorship

  • The site’s only ad placement, exclusive for the duration of your sponsorship: a 214 × 214px graphic in the site’s sidebar.
  • A Featured Sponsor post, published on the site at the beginning of the week and shared with 3,500 @WerewolfNews Twitter followers.
  • A thank-you tweet from @WerewolfNews at the end of the sponsorship.

To sponsor Werewolf News or if you have questions, please email A. Quinton.