Marty & Scott - Back to the Future & Teen Wolf

Great Scott (Howard)! Teen Wolf / Back to the Future mashup t-shirt

Artist and friend of the site Manny Aguilera has combined two of Michael J. Fox’s classic 80’s film characters into one totally rad t-shirt design. “Scott and Marty” features Back to the Future’s Marty McFly rocking a hoverboard, and the actual Teen Wolf surfing a van. Marty’s throwing a salute but you just know a high-five is imminent. Please continue reading this post with the 80’s rock summer jam of your choice playing in the background.

Altered Beast

Sega developing movies & TV shows based on its IP, including “Altered Beast”

Gaming company Sega and ad agency Hakuhodo DY Group have turned the focus of their joint venture Stories International towards developing films and TV series based on Sega’s intellectual properties. Among the 40 franchises licensed to Stories is 1989 side-scroller Altered Beast, which featured a playable werewolf character and the worst villain name I’ve ever heard.

Alberto Camara

Werewolves on Sketch Dailies

Five days a week, the @Sketch_Dailies Twitter account posts a theme word, and artists from all over the world draw something inspired by that word in the hopes that their work will be shown in the curated Sketch Dailies gallery. On October 28th the theme word was werewolf, and art for it was still coming in as late as this Wednesday!

What We Do In The Shadows - Swearwolves

The polite werewolves of “What We Do In The Shadows”

What We Do In The Shadows is a horror/comedy/mockumentary by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, and as the recently-released official trailer shows, the film focusses heavily on a troupe of Wellington vampires. Other supernatural creatures are involved, including a pack of scruffy but well-mannered werewolves who figure prominently in the film’s third act.

Horror Dome Bad Moon Werewolf Mask

Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide, Part 2: for the werewolf (fan) who has everything

In part one of the 2014 Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide I picked five items from my own collection as gift ideas, but what do you get the werewolf fan who already has everything? Something they actually don’t have, because they haven’t seen this list of five werewolf gifts that tell their recipient “I get you,” and also “I like you enough to not just buy the first thing that came up when I searched Amazon for ‘werewolf’”.

Werewolves of Christmas

The WOX’s “Werewolves of Christmas” supports The Prince’s Trust charity

I’d be lying if I said I understood what’s happening in this music video for “Werewolves of Christmas” by mysterious band The WOX. Werewolves? Christmas? Pool? Ludicrous dancing? Point Break references? And all this madness is for the benefit of The Prince’s Trust, a UK charity that helps “13 to 30 years old who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion”.

Monster Dog

Full Moon Features: Monster Dog

Thirty years ago this month (the IMDb isn’t any more specific than that), the utterly inept werewolf film Monster Dog had its Italian premiere, so it’s only right that it should be this month’s Full Moon Feature.

Wolf Moon 1

Vertigo’s “Wolf Moon” twists the werewolf myth

If you’re writing a werewolf comic in 2014, it’s not enough to rely solely on the standard tropes rules of the werewolf myth. Vertigo’s new six-part series “Wolf Moon”, written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Jeremy Haun, attempts to revitalize the “man vs. beast-man” story by doubling down on all of the familiar concepts except one.

Werewolf Tycoon

Become the terror of Werewolf Park in “Werewolf Tycoon” for Android & iOS

My mobile gaming time is split pretty evenly between Threes and Doug dug., but this week there’s a new contender for my attention: Werewolf Tycoon, a “werewolf stealth simulation game” where the goal is to devour as many people as possible without being seen… and without leaving survivors. Eat as many people as you can, but pace yourself, try not to be seen, and do not let witnesses escape. After all, things could get tricky if too many people become aware of your existence! The game is a collaboration between Joe Williamson and Sam Twidale, friends who gave themselves two weeks to […]

Zagone Werewolf Gloves

Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide, Part 1: Personal Picks

If you’re a werewolf fan, you’re impossible to shop for. Your friends and family have no idea how to choose something you’ll like, and everyone remembers what happened when you unwrapped that Stephenie Meyer box set in 2011. This year, let’s try to reduce the number of cop-out gift cards you get! In the first of three Holiday Gift Guide instalments, I’m sharing with you six werewolf gift ideas I can vouch for personally – because I have all of them in my home.