Mulder is his own X-File

If Mulder really was a werewolf on The X-Files, this is totally how he’d react

A few days ago I saw this four-panel comic exploring what would happen if The X-Files really did turn Mulder into a werewolf. It keeps popping into my head to make me do Seth Rogen style chuckles, so I’m exorcising it by posting it.


Cedar Point’s Rougarou coaster combines werewolves & swamps

Ohio amusement park and “roller coaster capital of the world” Cedar Point is two weeks away from opening Rougarou, a roller coaster themed after a swamp-dwelling werewolf from francophone and Louisiana folklore.

Tom Whalen Mad Monster Party variant

Tom Whalen’s “Pulp Menagerie” show at Mondo Gallery puts the Werewolf at the top of the pile

Two of my favourite names in art are teaming up for an event! Starting May 22nd, Tom Whalen is hosting a solo show called “Pulp Menagerie” at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. Among the featured prints is a gorgeous tribute to Rankin/Bass’s classic movie Mad Monster Party?, featuring The Werewolf at the top of a monstrous dog-pile.

I Killed Jacob Black

Werewolf News Patreon

Hello! I’d like to spend more time writing for this site and the Supernatural Registration Authority and less time taking on side jobs I’m not really into. To help make that possible I’ve created a Patreon!

Universal Monsters Select Wolfman Version 2

Universal Monsters Select Wolf Man action figure perfectly renders a boring icon

Diamond Select Toys has given Dread Central an exclusive look at three upcoming additions to its licensed Universal Monsters collection: the Wolf Man, the Mummy, and an original take on Lucy Westenra from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. They’re detailed, articulated, and totally not for me.

He Had Hairy Hands

Kill The Beast’s Scooby-Doo / Twin Peaks / werewolf mystery show “He Had Hairy Hands”

If that title seems like a conglomeration of random words, let me un-muddle you: He Had Hairy Hands is an award-winning show by comedy quintet Kill The Beast, and it’s touring select theatres in the UK right now.

Werewolf Flanders

AV Club’s Wiki Wormhole takes on werewolves

The AV Club – my favourite pop culture site on the whole wide Internet – has covered Wikipedia’s Werewolf page as part of its Wiki Wormhole series.

25 Ways To-Kill A Werewolf

Sponsor: “25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf” by Jo Thomas

My thanks to Fox Spirit for sponsoring Werewolf News with Jo Thomas’s novel 25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf – a provocative title for a site as pro-werewolf as this, but rest assured, there’s more to this wonderful story than laundry list of grisly demises for lycanthropes.

Teen Wolf alpha hand

Three fashionably hairy werewolf film & TV prop limbs

I tried on an Apple Watch earlier today, but now I’m thinking there’s a way to accessorize my limbs that’s less ostentatious and more distinctive: werewolf hands, feet and leg props for sale at Prop Store. Here are three lycanthropic lots currently for sale.

Andres Markwart Wolfman

Local makeup school turns local writer into local wolfman

Fan Expo Vancouver hit my town two weekends ago, and as part of the event’s celebration of geek culture, monsters and creature effects, two New Image College makeup artists turned Vancity Buzz contributor Andres Markwart into a wolfman for your time-lapse video enjoyment.