Lycancoin, the digital currency for werewolves & werewolf enthusiasts

I don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies. My exploration of bitcoin two years ago ended quickly when I learned that mining them with my own hardware would cost more in electricity than what I would earn. But as with so many things, stick a werewolf on it and you have my attention.

Test Tubes

Georgia State Rep wants to ban werewolves, mermaids and centaurs (but not really)

The news media is making farcical headlines out of Georgia state Rep. Tom Kirby (R)‘s proposed bill outlawing the scientific mingling of human and animal DNA. Talking points include cheap shots at centaurs, mermaids, bird-men, and yes, werewolves.

Bleeding Heart

The alchemy of “Bleeding Heart” rescues a werewolf & paves the way for “The Glass Scientists”

It’s my first day back on the grind after two weeks holiday. When my alarm went off at 5:20 I considered my usual pre-work rituals and found that a two mile run was out of the question. Instead I stayed in bed for 30 minutes looking at Tumblr, and discovered Bleeding Heart and The Glass Scientists. Best decision of the day.

Growing Pains

The lycanthropic “Growing Pains” of male adolescence

Growing Pains (Vokseværk) is an award-winning animated Danish short film about a teenage boy named Fabian, and the unexpectedly monstrous side effects of his burgeoning sexuality. Based on the subject matter, maybe don’t watch the teaser at work.

Howl Con II

Start your planning now! Howl Con officially returns February 2016

The Howl Con site has just made official the return of North America’s premiere werewolf convention. Howl Con II is happening in Vancouver, WA (minutes north of Portland, OR) on February 6th and 7th, 2016. Early-bird weekend passes are available now!

Werewolf Dari Bangladesh

Trailer & synopsis for Malaysian horror-comedy WEREWOLF DARI BANGLADESH

TwitchFilm has a trailer and synopsis for director Mamat Khalid‘s horror-comedy film Werewolf Dari Bangladesh. The trailer’s not dubbed or subtitled, but it looks suitably nuts.

Loup Garou Stout label

Loup Garou Stout from Bayou Teche Brewing

Brewmasters know that werewolves and beer go well together. Louisiana’s Bayou Teche Brewing adds another lycanthropic label to the liquor store shelves: Loup Garou Stout.

The Order 1986

Sweet shades, powerful metal music & werewolf slaying in “The Order 1986″ video

As part of the promotional effort for the upcoming Playstation 4 game The Order: 1886, Corridor Digital was commissioned to create “Werewolf Slayer”, an amazing 1986 metal music video / short film on the power of miscommunication.


Howl Con 2015: a werewolf convention on the brink of supernova

Howl Con 2015 was like a neutron star made out of werewolf atoms. Bright and packed with energy, its small size belied its incredible density. A measurement taken at 12:32PM on Sunday indicated a density of 3.8 LPI (Lycanthropes per square inch). But unlike a stable neutron star, Howl Con is primed to go supernova.

The Wolf At His Door

Sponsor: The Wolf At His Door: Book 1 of The Runes Trilogy

My thanks to Adrian Lilly for sponsoring Werewolf News this week with The Wolf At His Door, the first book in his trilogy of werewolf novels. Adrian and I have similar tastes in werewolves, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions about building a werewolf mythology, the power of literature, and practical jokes.