Granville Island Brewing’s limited edition “Growl at the Moon” brews & growler

Werewolves and beer have been an oddly consistent pairing over the years I’ve been running this site, but the brewery involved has always been on the other side of an international border. This time it’s different!


“Snarling Werewolf” is the twisted fever dream of a werewolf costume

Pretend you have a bad fever and you’ve taken too much cold medicine. You put on a werewolf costume just as the dextromethorphan starts to make the room’s colours fluoresce and walls drip, and then you look at yourself in a mirror. You see the Snarling Werewolf staring back at you.

Funko Mystery Minis

An American Werewolf in London & 14 other horror icons join Funko’s Mystery Minis line

I’m an incurable completionist and I’m not into gambling, so knowledge of Funko’s upcoming addition to its Horror Collection Mystery Minis series has been squeezing my brain all afternoon. They’re adding 15 new adorable monsters, and one of them is David Kessler from An American Werewolf in London. 

Wes Craven

Wes Craven passes away at 76

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter and many other sources, film director and horror impresario Wes Craven passed away at his Los Angeles home this weekend after a battle with brain cancer. He was 76.


Wind storm means power & internet outage

Just a quick note to let readers know that due to an unexpectedly intense wind storm, I and many others in the metro Vancouver have been without power or reliable internet since Saturday. Posts will resume as soon as both of those things return.

Ginger Snaps

Full Moon Features: Ginger Snaps

Fifteen years ago this month, the Canadian werewolf film Ginger Snaps had its first public screening at the München Fantasy Film Fest on the way to its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Wererat by Jon McNally

Other were-creatures get their due in upcoming “Were-” anthology

Were- is one half of an already-funded Kickstarter campaign by Joshua Palmatier’s anthology press Zombies Need Brains. The other half, Alien Artifacts, has a clear subject, but as its weird punctuation implies, Were- has a catch. It’s a were-creature anthology with only one rule: no werewolves allowed.

Howl Con II

Get your HOWL CON II tickets now, get shot into the moon (maybe)

Hey, remember back in February, when there was a werewolf convention just north of Portland? Remember the comics, creature FX makeup, art, panels, friends and insane music? I sure do. That was HOWL CON, and it was the most fun I’ve had at a convention, ever. And it’s happening again.


Support Mai-Coh, “An Art-House Horror Feature Film”

Filmmaker Kei Pervaiz has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her upcoming art house/horror film Mai-Coh, about an “ancient Navajo curse” brought to life and a young woman who “craves blood and revenge”.


WEREWOLVES VERSUS THE 1990s is out now!

After ten weeks of effort from 16 contributors, I’m proud to say that 81 pages of “werewolves in the 90s” writing, comics, poetry, and art drops today! Each contributor brought their A-game and it shows. Every page of this thing is awesome, and you can download a copy right now!