Pre-Code Comics: Werewolf Blood on My Hands

Joey Liverwurst — Aug. 17th 2012

Editorial Interpretation by Alright Owl

How about another pre-Code comic with werewolves to spice up your weekend?

Fourth place in the countdown goes to Werewolf Blood on My Hands, from July 1953. Cooper decides he’d rather be a werewolf than “a file clerk forever” and shares with us how easy this is! Inspector then lectures us about tampering “with the strange mysteries of the unearthly.”

As always, if you enjoy this trip through time, be sure to thank Karswell at The Horrors of It All.

  • Ah, I’d have to wonder how badly I’d want to be a werewolf if it ended up being a scraggly looking wolfy like these guys.

  • Lew

    Since I’ll be moving to Cape Town soon, I especially appreciate this. I love how blase the cops are about it, like there are werewolves wandering in every week.

    You’re a little harsh on the poor werewolf, though – you can’t choose what you look like when you transform, I would assume. And seeing as how he’s grey and potbellied, maybe he’s just a really old guy as a human.