Pre-Code Comics: Ghoulash

Joey Liverwurst — Aug. 24th 2012

Another Splendid Editorial Interpretation by Alright Owl

Friday means werewolves!  Or at least, it ought to mean werewolves.  Time for third place in the pre-Code comics countdown.

From June 1954, Ghoulash knows better than to take itself too seriously. Elaine’s the sort of girl who stabs men and stores them in her freezer. What’s such a girl to do when twins take a shine to her? Will she learn to multitask in time?

This story appears at The Time Bullet, the retro blog of Marc Burkhardt. If you like it, leave him a comment!

  • Lew

    This comic teaches the valuable lesson that vampires are a-holes and should be devoured by all right-thinking werewolves, A+

  • Any vampire who needs a knife ought to answer to higher up the food chain.