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Mike — Nov. 14th 2011

Dovahwolf by Tatsu-Wolfie

Dovahwolf by Tatsu-Wolfie About a week ago, we reported some information based on pre-release gameplay footage of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that it was possible to become a werewolf in the game. Skyrim was released on Friday, and I’ve spent all weekend playing it; I can happily report that this is indeed the case.

Unlike vampirism, which in the Elder Scrolls series is often not worth the power it grants due to the serious drawbacks and the difficulty in curing the condition, being a werewolf in Skyrim really doesn’t give you a hard time. You can transform at will (once per in-game day) and are never forced to do so, nor do you have to transform at a particular time or with certain regularity. The werewolf figure model is pretty great — although if I’m being picky I’d say the head is a bit too large — and the animation is superb.

Be warned: minor spoilers follow. But also a video of a werewolf fighting a dragon.

I was given the opportunity to become a werewolf fairly early on in an optional (but worthwhile) questline, and of course I jumped at the chance. First, the advantages: You become immune to disease even in your normal form, and you gain a once-a-day ability to transform. When in werewolf form, you are shifted to a third-person perspective (and the transformation sequence is pretty sweet), during which you have a large amount of health — which you can restore by feeding on dead enemies, also extending your transformation time — and do tremendous damage with your claws. You also move at great speed and can drop to all fours for an even faster sprint.

The disadvantages: Don’t let people see you transform. It’s a no brainer not to turn into a werewolf in the middle of the town square, so it’s best to use the ability when you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherf**cker in the room. You also can’t get a bonus for resting, but it’s a minor boost at best and it’s not a great loss. While in werewolf form, you’re unable to use any kind of items, nor can you pick things up or interact with anything in a way that doesn’t involve clawing its face off. It’s also suggested in the associated questline — which largely involves killing werewolf hunters with extreme prejudice, a worthwhile pursuit — that the soul of a werewolf doesn’t go to Sovnheim (the game-world’s equivalent of Valhalla, more or less) after death, but instead to the Hunting Grounds of the daedra lord Hircine, to chase prey for eternity.

Check out this video featuring the transformation, and a werewolf fighting a dragon. A werewolf fighting a dragon.

Game of the year, all years. Top image credit: Dovahwolf by tatsu-wolfie, via DeviantArt.

  • Gimantis577

    I like the werewolf form much better in this game than in Morrowind. Those looked to much like Goldenwolf rejects and not cursed, man eating hellhounds fathered by a daedra lord obsessed with the hunt.

    I am sad that you don’t even SEE werebears, who are supposed to be Skyrim’s native lycanthrope species.  

  • Gimantis577

    Also, there’s a crap ton of videos showing werewolves fighting dragons and completely owning them even in human form.

  • Gimantis577

    Edit: Werewolf form. Herp derp, typo.

  • As soon as I start the game, I’m searching out the ones who can give you this ability. (I already know who from watching Angry Joe.) Hircine’s Ring can also do it, but better to have the power as part of your character than as a ring.

  • Anonymous

    That poor bastard in the video turned back into human form at the worst possible moment, didn’t he? – injuring a dragon just enough to piss it off. Shame the camera isn’t lower down and closer, it seems that would make it more realistic (no branch getting in the way right when the big cat attacks, for example) but what do I know, I don’t play these games. 

  • The transformation animations are kinda cool but I’m not too keen on how the werewolves actually look. 

  • Sawolf

    I really like to play as a werewolf! It’s awesome.

  • Rushton Alan

    Can you find out and tell me if it possible to play as the Werewolf in 1st person?

  • I only just found out about Hircine’s Ring, though I’m not sure where it can be found. Apparently if you’re a werewolf *and* have the ring, you get two transformations per day instead of just one.

    Vaguely wondering if I should edit the post, as a few bits of new information have come to light this week.

  • Unfortunately it’s not. When in werewolf form, you’re locked to a 3rd person view, and basically all you can do is move and attack. The form’s very powerful for combat and faster than a horse for covering distances, but those are really your only options.

  • Potential Llama

    I am so pumped to play as a werewolf; only two things holding me back though.
    1) does your race or hair colour affect how you look as a werewolf, or does the game always have you play as the grey dude with a black mane?
    2)Does using Hircine’s Ring (purified) with the Companion ritual let you do it an infinite number of times?

  • Any class or race can become a werewolf, but as far as I know, the form always looks the same. I’ve only seen one character model for the werewolf at all.

    As for Hircine’s Ring, I’ve not been able to confirm it in game yet but I think it gives you 2 uses per day if you have the Companion ritual too, rather than 1 a day if you just had one of those.

  • I wasn’t able to play Daggerfall when it came out (didn’t have a PC at the time) and it’s only very recently that I’ve actually been able to try it. (I heard it was crazy buggy on release anyhow, so waiting probably hasn’t hurt too much.)

    Morrowind’s a game I’ve sunk more hours into than I care to count, although I never managed to finish the Bloodmoon questline (or become a werewolf!) thanks to a section with the vaguest directions I have ever encountered. I’m sure to play it again, though, so maybe I’ll beat that expansion.

    I’m personally playing Skyrim on the 360, as my current system similarly would burst into flames if it even thought about running a game of that calibre. As with Morrowind and Oblivion though, I’ll likely have upgraded by the time the inevitable GotY edition is released (or on a sale), and pick it up then.

  • Left brainer

    I like Potential Llama’s question…I want to know if u can change ur color depending on what u r if so i want to be able to know how to do this.

  • Left Brainer

    nevermind i just read the rest of the comments sorry

  • No time

    do you know if its possible to become an Alpha or something to make the transformation longer…maybe by getting farther in the questline?

  • Werewolf

    The ring actually gives you unlimited transformations, just equip the ring and use Hircine’s Ring under spells (do not use the Beast Form spell) and you can change as many times as you want.  It still has the same time limit though, so when you change back you need to re-equip the ring and Hircine’s Ring spell to use again ^..^

  • Kesm411

    1) As far as I know all werewolf models look the same, although the werewolf you help in the quest to get Hircine’s Ring is considerably larger in beast form

    2) Yes it allows you to transform an infinite number of times, although you have to re-equip both the ring and it’s power each time, which I think has led to some confusion.