Tim Hope’s Short Film, “The Wolfman”

Mike Roukas — Sep. 2nd 2009

While cartoony and childish on the surface, this short feature is a frightening venture into the subconscious of the animal that is man. And please, be honest; there are likely a few people here who have thought something along the lines of: “I was sitting in my huge leather armchair watching telly, and thinking how marvelous it would be to be a werewolf.” Savor and enjoy!

  • Toriath

    I don’t get the end. What happened?

  • Wow, that was trippy.

  • Berserker

    I could analyze this. But honestly it was too frenetic and disjointed for me. In a poetic style it would work, but it doesn’t translate to visual medium well.

  • As said, very schizophrenic, although the animation in itself is a unique style, when you start to scratch “under the skin” it’s very metaphorical.

    Berserker does make a valid comment, it feels as if it was a poem that was badly translated to film in places, but when you look at it as a whole, throw away the individual words keeping the overall meaning, it really is quite deep.

    I’ll dare to say I liked it.

  • Roukwolf

    I agree Toriath, the ending is pretty vague. You could say that it’s one of those “it was all just a dream!” type of endings. The professor’s soul is fragmented; who he is on the inside doesn’t match who he is on the outside. But when he comes down from his high, he starts to slowly come together again! That’s just my take on the ending, anyway.

    Tim hope tries to accomplish a lot with a little, and within a short timeframe as well. All in all, I think the video is *meant* to transcend language. The whole thing is as slippery a soap-bar as a James Joyce novel, and critics *love* sparring with and trying to pin down things like that. I’ll admit that I would love to mentally chew on it some more, but I think it’s best to treat Hope’s work as food for the unconscious. The essential but inflexible conscious mind won’t get as much out of it.