She-Wolf Cover

Fur, fangs, film & femininity: Priest’s “She-Wolf” explores the cultural history of the female werewolf

Kipling had it right, I think – the female of the species is more deadly than the male. Historically, she’s also maligned, revered, and misunderstood. A new book edited by Dr. Hannah Priest explores these cultural artifacts and more though the perspective of the female werewolf.


Ruffles epically tries to out-epic the epic basketball thing with werewolves and other epic creatures

Fried starch medallion company Frito-Lay launched a social media campaign last month. I only heard about it yesterday, which should tell you about its reach and effectiveness. I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out, and I’m still fuzzy on some of the details, so I’m going to pull the trigger on this post to put myself out of my misery.

No Wurst For Were

Kids can get their fill of vocabulary & werewolf danger with “No ‘Wurst For Were”

An interactive storybook for kids aged 6 through 9 is exactly the sort of thing I’d tell you about if it was clever, informative and involved a werewolf. So let me tell you about No ‘Wurst For Were.

Mulder Werewolf Scenario

The X-Files returns for 6 episodes, puts Werewolf News in danger

I’m excited at today’s announcement that seminal 90’s paranormal investigation series The X-Files is returning to Fox for a limited series. But I’m nervous, too, because if any of the new episodes resurrect and validate a long-debunked rumour, I’ll have no choice but to end Werewolf News.


Start a Very Fast Werewolf Riot with “Infinity Runner – Unleash the Beast”

Imagine the pitch meeting for Wales Interactive’s game Infinity Runner – Unleash the Beast. “So what if we took Mirror’s Edge, turned it into an endless runner, set it on a 150-mile-long spaceship that’s falling apart… and made the player character a werewolf?“

Tattooed Wolf

Sponsor: The Tattooed Wolf by K. Bannerman

Thanks to Hic Dragones for being our first sponsor of the season with K. Bannerman’s acclaimed novel The Tattooed Wolf. As of this post I’ve only just started reading it, and I’m hooked!

Moonman Screen


One of the great things about running a site with an editorial board of one (consisting of me) is I get to post about anything I think is noteworthy or cool, even if it’s only connected to werewolves by the thinnest thread. That’s why I can tell you about the game Moonman.

Titus Werewolf

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”‘s Titus Andromedon gets more respect as a werewolf

Tina Fey and Robert Carlock’s Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Much of that humour comes from the friction between the show’s absurd characters and its uneasy commentaries on race, gender and class. One such scene happens mid-season and stars my favourite character as a werewolf.

The Pack

“The Pack” explores a mythical ancient Africa with werewolves

The Pack #1: A Wolf in Egypt is the first issue in a graphic novel series about a group of Egyptian werewolves trekking through a fantasy version of ancient Africa.

She-Wolf Of The Woods

Watch gorgeous, funny & sexy “She-Wolf Of The Woods” for free

“Meat that dies happy, dies tender.” Last summer I posted about She-Wolf Of The Woods, an indie horror short created by Adriana Polito and her team on a tiny budget, with beautiful / scary / funny / NSFW results. Now She-Wolf is available to watch for free on YouTube!