Dwayne Johnson to battle Ralph the giant werewolf in “Rampage” film

Deadline is reporting that Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, will star in a live-action feature film based on classic arcade game Rampage. First released in 1986, Rampage is the original Wreck-It Ralph, in which players destroy apartment buildings and highrises as George (the giant gorilla), Lizzie (the giant lizard / dinosaur) and Ralph (the giant werewolf[?!]).

Dracula werewolf

Full Moon Features: Werewolf Cameos

In recent years, there seems to have been an uptick in films that feature werewolves, but don’t have them front and center.

Hair of the Dog

Q&A with “Hair of the Dog” filmmaker Michael Butts

In May I posted about Michael Butts’ fundraising efforts for his short film “I’m a Werewolf, but that’s OK!”. Today I’m happy to share with you a short Q&A with Michael, as well as some news about the film’s length (it’s getting longer) and title (it’s changing).


Lore Podcast Episode 3: The Beast Within

My current list of podcast subscriptions is so long (“all the great shows“) that even with a 2-hour commute and a 45-minute workout, I end each day with a lengthy queue. Suffice it to say I’m picky about adding new shows, but Aaron Mahnke‘s Lore Podcast made the list in less than 20 minutes.


“What We Do In The Shadows” DVD, shirts & vampiraphanalia delayed by “contract demon”

In a post to their Kickstarter campaign, Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi reveal the reason for the unexpected delay in their film’s journey to physical media in North America, and how that’s impacted the other backer rewards.

League of STEAM - White Werewolf

Steampunk sharpshooters & a bespoke werewolf suit in The Adventures of the League of STEAM

Steampunk performance art troupe League of STEAM has released a werewolf-centric episode of their award-winning adventure/comedy web series. Episode eight of season 3 “follows the League’s werewolf hunter, Jasper Mooney, as he tells tales of his lifelong hunt for an elusive white werewolf.”


Revisiting the werewolf from “The Cabin in the Woods”

Among all the films I blow my fanboy trumpet for on this site, 2012’s The Cabin in the Woods is my favourite. It’s smart, scary, really funny, and it ends with a smash cut to credits that’s guaranteed to make me head-bang every time. And of course, it’s got that excellently designed, practically achieved werewolf.

Tales of the Wolfman covers

“Tales of the Wolfman” returns, bigger, badder and cuter than ever before

After last year’s unsuccessful but encouraging campaign, Tales of the Wolfman has returned to Kickstarter with a bigger, badder, more adorable campaign that’s jam-packed with even monsters and fairytale creatures.

Snarl Cover

“Snarl” embraces black coffee, angry mayors, mauled joggers & other detective clichés

From Alterna Comics comes Snarl, a graphic novel in the “Look, Detective, someone – or something – is killing women in the woods, and the Mayor doesn’t want any half-bakes stories about monsters” genre.

Werewolf News by Viergacht

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