Current & upcoming werewolf movie home releases

Did you lose track of all the werewolf movies coming out on home video lately? I did, and it’s kinda my job to keep tabs on them all! Here’s a cheat sheet to help you plan your purchases. Click on any name for a purchase or pre-order link.

Broad City

Hear Chris Rock as werewolf-hunting werewolf in “Broad City” clip

In a clip from an upcoming episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, Abbi and Ilana spend a day movie-hopping on a pair of scammed passes. Their first stop is A Fang for a Fang, a book-turned-film starring Chris Rock as a werewolf hunter who’s a werewolf himself.

The Order: 1886 - Bobby Paige

“The Order: 1886″ and the sad story of Little Bobby Paige

As part of the marketing ramp-up for the PlayStation 4 game The Order: 1886, this short and creepy animation recently popped up. It’s about a young man who may or may not be a foe you face in the game, and you definitely don’t have to be familiar with the game’s story to get a kick out of it.

Howling II

Scream Factory releasing Howling II on Blu-ray for some reason

In a surprise announcement on Twitter and Facebook, Scream Factory has admitted that they will be afflicting werewolf and horror movie fans with a Blu-ray version of the 1985 “classic” Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf.

Mythical Creature Butcher Shop - Werewolf

Mythical Creatures Butcher Shop presents: how to cook a werewolf

If you resolved to eat better in 2015 and you don’t mind a little hair in your food, consider this recipe for Greek Style Leg of Werewolf courtesy of Mythical Creatures Butcher Shop. This dish is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and is nutritious for everyone except the werewolf. If you’re not quite sure where to hack into that werewolf corpse in your freezer for the best cut of meat, don’t worry – the recipe comes with a handy chart.

Howl Con

Sponsor: HOWL CON 2015

The horror/fantasy convention for werewolf lovers is back, and taking over the Red Lion at the Quay, in Vancouver, WA over the weekend of February 7th & 8th. That’s literally across the river from Portland, and just a 3-hour drive from Seattle.

Werewolf Rising

Full Moon Features: Werewolf Rising

As the new year dawns, I’m going to start it off by looking back on one of the handful of new werewolf films that came our way in 2014. (I hope to catch up with the likes of Late Phases, When Animals Dream, Wolves, and especially WolfCop in the months to come.) When approaching a film like Werewolf Rising, though, it helps to know going in that it isn’t going to make a lick of sense or add up to anything.

Argentina Werewolf

The Argentine President Jewish Werewolf Adoption Mixup

News that the President of Argentina adopted a young Jewish man in order to prevent his becoming a werewolf exploded online last week, getting coverage on dozens of news sites despite being a conflation of unrelated tradition and myth. Mixup or not, the story has already given me reason to write what I bet will be the weirdest Werewolf News headline of 2015.


Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide Part 3: Download your way out of a last-minute jam

It’s the day before Christmas Eve, and if for some reason you were unable to find a suitable item for the werewolf fan in your life in Gift Guide parts One and Two, don’t worry. It’s not too late to avoid the shame of being someone who gives iTunes gift cards as, like, a Main Gift. Here are five werewolf gift ideas that you can obtain and deliver digitally in less time than it took you to read this.

High Moor 2

Holiday Grab Bag: “The Order” werewolf combat, “I” Tamil insanity, illegal hyphens & more

It’s the holiday season and things are getting weird in the world of werewolves. Here are a few short pieces to chew on while you wait for your buddy Krampus to show up.