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Pre-Code Comics: The Wolpire

I hope you enjoyed my pre-Code comics countdown of favorite werewolf stories.  I wish there were more, but that would require time travel, and my DeLorean’s in the shop. That said, there’s one more incredible story to share. Just not “Bravo!” incredible. More like “Why has God forsaken me?” incredible. From March 1954, The Wolpire […]

Pre-Code Comics: Werewolf Valley

Does your skin itch? Do your teeth ache? It’s time for first place in the all-lycanthrope pre-Code comics countdown. There’s a strange disconnect with werewolves. I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of werewolves sexy. Very sexy. And yet, I can’t tell you the last portrayal of a werewolf I found even […]

Pre-Code Comics: Werewolves of the Rockies

Happy blue moon, Wolfketeers! Ready for second place in the pre-Code comics countdown? Right before the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, good American children instead focused on Lars and Fria, an attractive Scandinavian couple en route to an American ski jumping contest! They didn’t make it. Because werewolves. Fear not, though: Werewolves of the Rockies […]

Pre-Code Comics: Ghoulash

Friday means werewolves!  Or at least, it ought to mean werewolves.  Time for third place in the pre-Code comics countdown. From June 1954, Ghoulash knows better than to take itself too seriously. Elaine’s the sort of girl who stabs men and stores them in her freezer. What’s such a girl to do when twins take […]

Pre-Code Comics: Werewolf Blood on My Hands

How about another pre-Code comic with werewolves to spice up your weekend? Fourth place in the countdown goes to Werewolf Blood on My Hands, from July 1953. Cooper decides he’d rather be a werewolf than “a file clerk forever” and shares with us how easy this is! Inspector then lectures us about tampering “with the […]

Pre-Code Comics: Werewolf Tale to End All Werewolf Tales!

Few today associate the Truman administration years with werewolves, but the late forties and early fifties saw the rise of “mystery” comics. These were about monsters, not detective work, and their rather sudden popularity led to ghouls, vampires, werewolves, and zombies being banned from comic books. By 1955, drier science fiction had replaced them. Ever […]

Women Write About Comics: Ulula The Werewolf Woman

Doris V Sutherland‘s inaugural article for Women Write About Comics is about Ulula the Werewolf Woman, an example of Italy’s sexy, violent and “gleefully pulpsh” fumetti comics. As you can guess, an illustrated assessment of a pulpy werewolf sex comic isn’t safe for work – there are some images of sex, violence, and sexual violence, so click with care, and make […]