“Lose Your Soul” – help crowd-source an indie werewolf short film

Here’s another crowd-sourced werewolf project I thought was worth sharing: an independently produced short film about werewolves called Lose Your Soul. I’ll let writer/director Ray Fawcett tell you a bit more about it.

This script has been a labor of love for a handful of us, it was written and inspired during a military deployment to Kuwait. We arrive home in August, and want to make this project impact those who have been seeking out a horror film with some depth. It’s a film with issues of separation, letting go and loss much like we have done in the last year of this deployment… Our project is small, but has a lot of heart. We really would like to see it get off the ground, and have its beating heart and passion presented to everyone’s computer screens and local film festivals.

To learn more about Lose Your Soul and help contribute to its production, visit its project page on IndieGoGo.