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Three fashionably hairy werewolf film & TV prop limbs

A. Quinton — Apr. 17th 2015

I tried on an Apple Watch earlier today, but now I’m thinking there’s a way to accessorize my limbs that’s less ostentatious and more distinctive: werewolf hands, feet and leg props for sale at Prop Store. Here are three lycanthropic lots currently for sale.

Alpha Werewolf Insert Hand – Teen Wolf

This arm insert has been made from foam rubber and attached to a plastic pipe. Alpha’s monstrous hand has been crafted with elongated fingers with curved bloody claws, and has realistic hair than has been hand-punched into the creatures arm. The material has been painted with stunning detail, and textured to appear dirty and rough.

Werewolf Hand and Feet Appliances – Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV)

This is a set of werewolf hand and feet appliances created for an unknown episode of Joss Whedon’s popular series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Carefully crafted out of foam latex this set of werewolf extremities feature realistic beast-like detailing with long gray hairs attached along the top sides, as well as viscous claws constructed out of resin.

Werewolf Leg – The Howling film series

This beautifully sculpted special effects leg was used in a scene where a close up of the star werewolf’s leg kicking was needed. The leg is made of rubber with plugged black, brown and grey hair, with muscular definition, black toe nails and an air pump that can be seen at the top of the leg and runs down the inside of the leg so that it protrudes at the back of the foot… Is in good condition for its age with only slight damage of a small tear in the skin.

On May 29th, Prop Store will be hosting the Rick Baker: Monster Maker live auction at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles. Bids will be accepted in person, over the phone and online. To check out the 400+ items available, you can order a physical copy of the catalog or browse through a PDF copy now. I’ve been downloading the PDF while writing this post (seems like it’s a huge file) and if there’s any werewolf stuff in there, expect a post about it soon!

Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide Part 3: Download your way out of a last-minute jam

A. Quinton — Dec. 23rd 2014

It’s the day before Christmas Eve, and if for some reason you were unable to find a suitable item for the werewolf fan in your life in Gift Guide parts One and Two, don’t worry. It’s not too late to avoid the shame of being someone who gives iTunes gift cards as, like, a Main Gift. Here are five werewolf gift ideas that you can obtain and deliver digitally in less time than it took you to read this.

Shooting Guns – WolfCop Soundtrack

The psychedelic sludge riffs of instrumental doom metal outfit Shooting Guns perfectly scored the 80’s-schlock-inspired gorefest WolfCop. Tracks like “Hounds of God” give you a sense of what it might feel like to be a stoned werewolf, and atmospheric pieces like “The Family of the Vaurdlak” and the synth-tastic “Burchard von Worms” round out an audio experience that stands on its own. Available via Bandcamp and iTunes.

MacGuffin's Curse

I was a fan of this wonderful “Werewolf Comedy Puzzle Adventure” game from Brawsome before it even came out, and it’s been my lifeline to sanity during many a tedious flight. The great writing, charismatic art and maddening puzzles make it a worthy addition to anyone’s game library, whether they just like werewolves and puzzles or they’re nerdy enough to know why someone named MacGuffin being cursed by a trinket is funny. It’s available for OS X, iOS and Windows through a variety of retail options.

Sockweb – Werewolf
$8 - $15

Sockweb’s backstory alone is enough to make their album “Werewolf” a must-have, but luckily the music kicks ass, too. Featuring ferocious drumming, insane guitars and the surprisingly effective grindcore scream-singing of a 7-year-old girl, the 11-track album goes off like a candy-coloured hand grenade. Available via Bandcamp.

Who Needs The Moon?

I’m going to keep hitting you over the head with this until you acquiesce. Todd McCullough’s eight-part graphic novel is my favourite werewolf comic of all time, and it’s not even done yet. You can get issues 1 through 6 from ComiXology or McCullough’s Gumroad page. The nudity and graphic violence makes it wholly inappropriate for kids, but the oppressive atmosphere and gorgeous art makes it essential for horror fans.

Blood of the Werewolf
CAD $5.49

Blood of the Werewolf” is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who has too many game controllers. This award-winning platformer from Scientifically Proven is actually scientifically proven to be insanely difficult, but also insanely entertaining. I’m still waiting for that OS X port, but it’s available for Windows via Steam and Amazon, but should probably be played on the Xbox or PlayStation 3 for the full controller-crushing effect.

Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide, Part 2: for the werewolf (fan) who has everything

A. Quinton — Dec. 8th 2014

In part one of the 2014 Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide I picked five items from my own collection as gift ideas, but what do you get the werewolf fan who already has everything? Something they actually don’t have, because they haven’t seen this list of five werewolf gifts that tell their recipient “I get you,” and also “I like you enough to not just buy the first thing that came up when I searched Amazon for ‘werewolf'”.

Worms and Bones Custom Werewolf

Art makes a wonderful gift, especially when it’s created with the recipient in mind. The posable art dolls made by the donut-loving space pirates at Worms and Bones are gorgeous and every one is “a custom”– you get to specify the paint and fur colours, and you could even ruin yours with a regular wolf head if you’re afraid of things like exposed teeth and furrowed brows. Each one stands over a foot and a half tall, with cast resin hands, feet and head. As of this post they’re closed to new orders, but once the holidays are over I’m sure they’ll open up again. Worth waiting for!

Howl of the Werewolf statue

If you can’t wait for Worms and Bones, or you like your werewolf statues to double as potential bludgeons, check out Design Toscano‘s “Howl of the Werewolf”. All-resin werewolf sculpts generally fall into a category I’ve just decided to call “faux-Gothic cheese”, but this one looks like it’d rather play around in your blood than read you poetry. Snarly enough to satisfy the monster fan but understated enough to put on your desk at work without worrying HR.

Con*Tact Caffeinated Werewolf Soap

You can never have (or use) too much soap, and a comfortable majority of folks feel the same way about caffeine. Check the “I am clean” and “I am vibrating” boxes at the same time with this silvery soap bar from Con*Tact. I gained enough soap knowledge while working for LUSH to be a little concerned about the wide variety of scents in this bar, particularly the leather and musk, but in theory it should work… and in practice it gets great reviews.

Bleeder of the Pack Werewolf Panties

You can also never have too many pairs of underpants, especially ones with a furious cartoon werewolf on them. These cute undies came out of a massively successful Kickstarter, and now they’re available for anyone to buy. They’re boy brief style, with a design that “high-fives you for having ovaries and serves as a friendly reminder to others”, and I guarantee you you know a lady who deserves a high-five and a gift (hint: all ladies do).

Bad Moon Werewolf Mask

Let’s skip the clever little write-up: I want one of these right now. Right now. I’m getting to the age where my Christmas list is a short inventory of boring, practical luxuries like “a nice wallet” and “a wireless scale”, but right up at the top of this year’s list I put this sweet-ass werewolf mask from The Horror Dome. Actually, I asked for the mask & hands combo, but as a werewolf fan who’s currently without a wearable mask, I don’t want extravagance to get in the way of being able to wolf out when needed– the mask alone would do!

Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide, Part 1: Personal Picks

A. Quinton — Dec. 3rd 2014

If you’re a werewolf fan, you’re impossible to shop for. Your friends and family have no idea how to choose something you’ll like, and everyone remembers what happened when you unwrapped that Stephenie Meyer box set in 2011. This year, let’s try to reduce the number of cop-out gift cards you get! In the first of three Holiday Gift Guide instalments, I’m sharing with you six werewolf gift ideas I can vouch for personally – because I have all of them in my home.

Squishable Werewolf
$19.50 - $42.00

This huggable beast comes from Squishable’s industry-leading cuddle scientists, who “bent physics enough to make a perfectly round Werewolf”. The Squishable Werewolf is 15 inches of plush lycanthrope, which is actually much larger than you’d think, and physically impossible not to hug at least once. Seriously. I’m a full-grown adult who once ate a (prop) human brain on camera, and I have one of these. Also comes in a mini format if you’re low on space or on a doctor-mandated cuteness restriction.

Deadman's Land
From $8.95

Earlier this year I called Barry Duffield’s graphic novel “a lean, mean war story about a group of soldiers who get into some bad ‘wrong place, wrong time’ shit”, and “a truly frightening horror story about Nazi werewolves that’s so good that everyone else can stop trying.” It also involves hidden gold, a pretty-boy actor who gets the role of a lifetime, and a flamethrower named Bertha.

Ginger Snaps (Collector's Edition)

One of the best werewolf movies of all time gets the treatment it deserves. This 2-disc Blu-ray package is loaded with more extras than I ever would have thought possible back when I bought a sad VHS copy in 2001. A true classic from Scream Factory.

Zagone Studios Werewolf Gloves
$24.99 - $29.99

If you’re searching for great-looking werewolf costume gloves for less than fifty bucks, look no further. I’m on my second pair of these (the first pair were ruined by fake blood during the brain-eating episode) and if I ever need another pair I’ll come back to these without hesitation. They’re inexpensive but well-made (no clumps of fur falling out), extremely comfortable, and dextrous enough that you can get your keys out of your pocket while wearing them. Also comes in black fur.

The Werewolf's Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly Bitten

One of the first reviews I ever wrote for this site was about this book, and it’s still one of my favourites. Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers explain everything a neophyte werewolf needs to know, from the particulars of your first transformation to your likely cause of death (ideally after a long, peaceful, raw-beef-filled life). Fantastic and charismatic artwork by Emily Flake completes what I still grudgingly think of as the book I wish I’d written, only I know I wouldn’t have done as good a job.

LEGO Monster Fighters 9463: The Werewolf

This LEGO set contains the coolest werewolf minifig ever made, and his foe is Major Quinton Steele, a dapper old guy with a blunderbuss and a cool car. The tree is cumbersome but it’s also a catapult, which is something I wish I could say about more trees. This set has some great reviews on Brickset and although I don’t have it put together right now, it will have a place in the LEGO train layout I build when I’m finally ready to go full Gomez Addams.