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Game Review: “Hunter’s Moon” for Android

A. Quinton — Nov. 15th 2017

Last week I wrote about Hunter’s Moon – an endless runner game by Seb Woodland – but without an Android device of my own, I’ve unable to play the game, a generally-accepted prerequisite for writing a review of the game. Leave that to Werewolf News reader, Werewolves Versus contributor and friend Juan C. Moreno, who shared his thoughts in the Werewolf News Slack group (want an invite? hit me up). Here’s Juan’s take on Hunter’s Moon:

I downloaded the Hunter’s Moon infinite runner game this weekend and it’s definitely a fun little time-spender. The controls and mechanics are pretty simple (tapping makes you jump or double jump) and anyone familiar with runner sidescrollers will know what to do from a few tries. It took me a few attempts to keep from falling into the trap-filled forest below and meeting a spiky end. When you finally get the hang of dodging traps and leaping over rooftops, you get to duel a werewolf (tap up to block, tap down to attack) who can dodge and attack as well.

The first time you fall victim to a trap or take a paw to the face, you can watch an ad to get a free resurrection and try the section again. Subsequent revivals can be bought for a bit of the gold coins you can collect as you run and defeat werewolves.

Falling into the forest of misery is tense and exciting since the traps are more frustrating than any creatures of the night. However, survive enough traps and defeat a wolf (which is harder in the dark forest because their attacks are harder to see coming) and you can return to the lovely rooftops. That’s a cool idea, and it works well.

There are power ups to give the hunter some help, although I only know how to use one, and you can only use it once for 100 coins before you need to buy it again. Overall, it’s a fun game with a great gothic atmosphere I would love to see more of! If the creator wants to add more or make more games in this setting, I will definitely leap at the chance to try them out!

Want to play it yourself? Click around here. Wish you could play as a werewolf? Seb knows – and even thought about making a “play as a werewolf” game as an earlier project – and as I mentioned in my previous post, the best way to motivate a creator to make more stuff is to support the stuff they’ve already made.

Thanks again to Juan for the review!

Hunt werewolves in free Android game “Hunter’s Moon”

A. Quinton — Nov. 10th 2017

Got an Android device? Great! Then you can play this new game Hunter’s Moon in the warm glow of your Galaxy or Pixel while I stand outside in the rain with my iPhone 7, pawing forlornly at the window. From the Google Play page:

Take on the role of a lone werewolf hunter. Leap across the rooftops of an ancient city in this infinite runner, and use your sword to vanquish the evil werewolves who await you. Collect gold along the way, always aiming to improve your score. Don’t fall into the forest below, or you’ll have to navigate a gauntlet of deadly traps.

This makes me think of Blood of the Werewolf and Altered Beast, except here you play as a human (or at least, as a non-werewolf) instead of a pissed-off werewolf mom or undead therianthrope wizzen fwum yo gwabe. Your dude’s whole deal, as depicted by the lovely pixel art animation in the trailer, is 1) running, 2) slashing at werewolves, and 3) wearing wide-brimmed hats.

Bristle at the idea of hunting werewolves instead of being one? Relax, the developer has you in mind. “I hope in the future to add some sort of powerup,” they wrote me, “where your character actually becomes a werewolf.”

Hunter’s Moon is free to play and supported by in-game advertising, which I mention specifically because it was developed by one person, which is bad-ass and worthy of support. Think of it this way: every ad you tap on gets you a little closer to the dev investing the time to add that “be a werewolf in the game” feature, and also gets them one step closer to dinner at the best restaurant in western Canada. Gosh, I miss the bread there.

It’s worth mentioning that the developer, Seb Woodland, also wrote all of the music in the game, which you can check out (along with a bunch of other music) at Seb’s Bandcamp page.

I don’t generally express strong opinions about which mobile phone platform is “best”, but I have to admit I’ve been shooting my iPhone dirty looks as I write this post.

SleepyOni craftily transforms an old-school toy into Leonard The Loup-Garou

A. Quinton — Oct. 25th 2017

Illustrator, maker-of-things, and skull enthusiast SleepyOni has done the best thing anyone can possibly do with a non-werewolf toy or game: he lycanthrope-ized it through skill and craft. Watch as he deconstructs a “Cool Ghoul” magnet-and-metal-filings toy and then designs, prints, trims and re-assembles it into the far-superior “Leonard The Loup-Garou”.

Wherein I disassemble a classic toy from my childhood and make it weird. Well, weirder.

Found a whole series of Wooly-Willy-style toys at Ye Place Of Work, all themed for Halloween. BUT THERE WAS NO WEREWOLF. Such an injustice could not be left to stand, as werewolves are very clearly one of the best monsters.

Via SleepyOni’s very good Tumblr. Check out his web site, Instagram and YouTube channel for more of his work!

Very cute, probably deadly “Werewolf Meowchi” plush pre-order

A. Quinton — Oct. 4th 2017

Later today, Ryan Zanfei’s Tasty Peach Studios is putting this Werewolf Meowchi up for pre-order. It’s like if Pusheen was a Lykoi cat! From the Facebook post announcing it:

Sorry for the late post but here is a picture of Werewolf Meowchi releasing tomorrow at 4 PM EST! Trying to coordinate all of this while setting up for NYCC is a bit rough! But he is just as fluffy as the picture leads him to be. Probably one of our favorite Halloween designs yet just based on the fur we used and those little danger claws.

Being unfamiliar with how Tasty Peach usually runs these things I had to dig around in the post comments a bit to find out the practical details. They say the pre-order will be happening “on our website” at 4 PM EST (1 PM Pacific), the price will be $25 USD, and they expect orders to ship out to customers by October 15th or 16th.

Edit: the pre-order is now live and available on the Meowchi Plush Werewolf product page.

I’m on more of a monstery werewolf kick these days so I won’t be jumping on this one, but I cannot deny that I want to squish this butt:

Thanks to Penningtonbeast and guyver47 for the link!

Lemax takes to you to the Werewolf Grooming and Night Spa before you visit DJ Wolfman

A. Quinton — Aug. 2nd 2017

Hi hello yes I’ve been away working on my other werewolf project, WEREWOLVES VERSUS, but I’m back now in part because I have a brief gap in the production schedule for WV, and also because after years (literal YEARS) of walking into Michaels to scope their Halloween section and getting angry that they never seem to have good werewolves in their wacky Lemax “monsters doin’ stuff in a monster town” displays, the winds of change are here, and they bring with them the scent of hair spray and wet dog and the sounds of your very favourite club bangerz – those sweet bangerz you crave to hear all night long.

Okay. Deep breath.

Lemax, that famous company we all know and love at the “forefront of the rapidly growing pastime of holiday lighted villages for Halloween and Christmas”, is providing at least two werewolves to you this Halloween 2017. The first, I’m realizing, is actually from 2012, but they’ve re-released it for 2017: the Lemax Spooky Town Werewolf Grooming and Night Spa with Adaptor.

You have to say the whole name when you refer to it. It’s a miniature spa where they turn you into a werewolf, and then they sort out your scraggly pelt with a nice wash and blow-dry. If you’ve been a werewolf for a while they’ll probably give your claws a manicure, too, and help you with the weird halitosis you get from eating too many trick-or-treaters. And when you’re done, you can go chill on the Moon Deck with a cold one. Everything about this concept is so fundamentally delightful to me that I’m giddy. You can get it wherever Lemax stuff is sold – Michael’s, probably although it’s not on their site right now – and Amazon has a few, too. Oh, you plug it in and it lights up and plays sounds, but if you needed those features to push you over the edge you’re not the kind of werewolf collector I’m addressing right now (that is, excitable idiots like me).

What if you don’t want to spend almost eighty bucks on a werewolf spa? Shame on you, but I get it, and Lemax does too. Maybe perhaps instead you might fancy DJ Wolfman, the werewolf disc jockey who somehow looks even more serene than the one chilling on the Moon Deck, even as he crushes your eardrums with Porter Robinson or State of Mind or Run The Jewels (but never Monster Mash – don’t be normative). This dude comes with detached (sadly non-functioning) speakers (one with a jack-o-lantern and one with two crushed cold ones) and can be found online for $7 or less.

If I seem excited about this it’s because I’m a sucker for kitschy knick-knacks, and it’s exciting to finally see Lemax werewolves that don’t look like this or this.

Thank you to my knick-knack-enabling partner Tandye for the links!

Indulge your bloodlust for hippies in “Beast Mode: Night of the Werewolf”

A. Quinton — Jun. 20th 2017

Beast Mode: Night of the Werewolf is a “goofy, fun, over the top Arcade Beat ‘Em Up” from Apeirogon Games in which you play a werewolf whose “sole purpose in life is to decimate a group of hapless hippies as they party in the woods, the desert or even on the moon”.

Flex your paws, sharpen your claws and lay those hippies to rest! String together the highest kill combo and compete against the clock to earn the highest score and submit it to our online leader boards!

The game is Windows-only and is available for $4.99 at IndieGameStand. (It’s also on Steam, but doesn’t drop until July 14th for some reason.) It sounds like the kind of thing you could drop into to kill 10 minutes. Try it for yourself with the demo, which includes one of the game’s five maps, plus online leaderboards.

The story in the game’s press kit really doubles down on the hippy hate – “You breathe in, the scent of your enemies floating on the air; patchouli oil, how you loathe the smell of patchouli!” – but without having even played the demo, I get the feeling that the narrow range of (apparently harmless) victims could get stale fast. It would be nice to see additional victim/enemy types in a future update.

Hit up the Apeirogon Games site for more details, including media and purchase links. Thanks to @NicholasUnder for the link!

Manny Aguilera’s “Bite Me” t-shirt design

A. Quinton — Jun. 8th 2017

Manny Aguilera (mannycartoon on Twitter and Instagram) has designed a new shirt that I have absolutely purchased because I am complete sucker for tank tops with late-80s motifs. Add aviators to a snarling werewolf and my credit card magically appears on the desk. If you get one of these shirts (or any other product with this design on it) by end-of-day Friday, you’ll get an automatic discount, too!

I wanted to design something fun with bold colors. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I still remember all those bold Ocean Pacific t-shirts and the cool tees my skater buddies used to wear. This design is a take off on that, and a little tribute to #werewolfwednesday and the culture that spawned it. I grew up obsessed with werewolves (Scott Howard is the man) so I wanted to create something 10-year-old me would lose his mind over.

Funko made the perfect Fruit Brute werewolf Pop & I can’t have it

A. Quinton — May. 19th 2017

Good: Funko made a vinyl Pop! werewolf figure that isn’t based on a dull or safe-for-network-TV design. The Fruit Brute Pop combines three of my favourite things: an excellent werewolf design, a retro mascot, and nostalgia for the weirdly-branded food of the early 1980s. The fangs, the spoon, the stripy complementary colour coveralls – this one would sit front and center on my desk.

Bad: Funko boxed the Fruit Brute in with another cereal mascot, Yummy Mummy, then deigned to make only 2,500 of the sets. They sold out pretty much instantly. If you want one you’ll have to scour eBay and pay some “””collector””” a massive markup.

Details and photo via Bloody Disgusting since the Funko product page is now just a 404. You did it bad, Funko. You did a bad job.

Third time’s the charm, hopefully! A new “Werewolf: The Apocalypse” video game is on the way

A. Quinton — Jan. 20th 2017

White Wolf rights-holders Paradox Interactive have just announced that they plan to release a game based on the World of Darkness roleplaying game Werewolf: The ApocalypseCyanide (Blood Bowl, Call of Cthulhu) will handle development, and Focus Home Interactive (Blood Bowl, Styx: Master of Shadows, Farming Simulator [!?]) will publish. The game will be available on PC and one or more as-of-yet unannounced consoles.

Things are still at the “corporate press release” stage, but a web siteTwitter account and Facebook page dedicated to the game have already popped up. Focus have said they will share more details at their “le What’s Next de Focus” event in Paris on February 1st and 2nd.

So far the reaction from the World of Darkness fan community has been a jittery mix of elation and scepticism. W:tA has a deep mythology and a lot of storylines and concepts from which to draw (as a certain film franchise is sort of proving). People have tried to mine this scene for video game gold twice before: a W:tA PC game was planned for a late 1999 / early 2000 release but the developer folded before it could be completed, and five years before that, Capcom was working on a PlayStation / Sega Saturn game that only ever surfaced as a prototype.

Can Cyanide and Focus succeed where others have failed, and deliver a Werewolf video game to satisfy fans who’ve been waiting all this time? One thing’s for sure: there’s no way for anyone to answer that question at all right now. You’ve waited over two decades; can you please be chill for, like, another twelve months? Eighteen, tops? Thank you.

From the Paradox Interactive press release:

White Wolf is pleased to announce its partnership with Paris-based video game publisher Focus Home Interactive for a licensed PC and console game set in the World of Darkness.

The partnership between Focus Home Interactive and White Wolf Publishing concerns the adaptation of a video game based on the acclaimed Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The game will be developed by the game development studio Cyanide (Styx: Master of Shadows, Blood Bowl, Call of Cthulhu…). In the game you will become a Garou, a rage-fuelled Werewolf warrior opposed to urban civilization and the destruction it brings. The Garou are born to fight the corruption of The Wyrm, a powerful supernatural force leading us towards an inevitable Apocalypse.

Thanks to @Somnilux for breaking the news to me, and to so many other folks on Twitter for providing additional details!

League of Legends’s werewolf Warwick becomes “The Wrath of Zaun” & “a steampunk hyena” in update

A. Quinton — Jan. 15th 2017

From the “writing about games I’ve never played” department: Last week the League of Legends YouTube channel posted a teaser to announce an update to Warwick, body-snatcher and wolfman. This nasty steampunk-werewolf-lookin’ Champion has a bunch of new abilities, artwork and skins, which is good news for people already playing him, and even better news for people who weren’t playing him because his previous abilities, artwork and skins were bad. Bad for the purposes of the game, League of Legends.

In case the previous sentence didn’t make it clear, I don’t know anything about League of Legends. I learned that Warwick was a thing at all from this tweet, and the research I did to put together this post was so laden with insider terms like “meta”, “gank” and “jungling” that I developed a lot more empathy for my non-programmer friends who have to hear me talk about “Node”, “Sass-compiling” and “shadow DOMs”. If you’re a seasoned LoL player and you want to know how Warwick’s “newfound power allows him to clean up the streets of Zaun through brutal violence”, I suggest you check out this rundown on The Rift Herald or the official update page.

As an outsider looking in, what interests me most about this update (aside from the sudden appearance of artwork depicting this brick shit-house of a werewolf dressed in nana-jammies) is the level of thought that went into the mechanical and in-game reasoning for his updates, and the extent to which Riot explains it all on their site.

So what are our goals with the Warwick update? Currently Warwick is very beginner friendly. We actually want to embrace that and push it even further than it is now. We want Warwick’s gameplay to actually teach new junglers how to be an effective jungler. Right now Warwick can’t gank until level 6, but what if Warwick’s kit actually encouraged players to gank often and early? We also have heard loud and clear that player think Warwick’s kit is kind of boring and outdated. While we don’t want to raise Warwick’s skill floor, we do want to increase his skill ceiling a bit and add more depth to his gameplay. We also want to bring Warwick’s art and thematics up to modern Riot standards by giving him a proper place in our world. We think violence is an important theme for Warwick and we want to see how far we can push that thematic.

What I get from this is “we all heard Warwick was the boring character that newbies played, so we made him good again by emphasizing his capacity for violence and commissioning a bunch of kick-ass new art assets to show him off.” Riot, I may never play League of Legends, but I appreciate your honesty, and the results are a lot of fun to look at.

Here’s a selection of Warwick splash screens showing some of his new skins, and a final one showing his origin.