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Moody, gorgeous Batman: The Animated Series “Moon of the Wolf” poster by George Caltsoudas

A. Quinton — Jan. 16th 2017

George Caltsoudas is a graphic artist who spent nine months applying his bold and colourful vision to the creation of iconic posters for every episode of Batman: The Animated Series season 1. Not because he was commissioned by Warner Bros. Animation or DC, but because he just felt like it.

That’s sixty-five individual pieces of art, each one perfectly capturing the brooding, timeless Art Deco production design of the show.

A gallery of the whole collection flew by on my Twitter timeline and I dove in immediately, partly because B:TAS was one of my favourite shows growing up, and partly because I wanted to see what George put together for episode 43: “Moon of the Wolf”. I wasn’t disappointed! Check out the whole series (and a lot more great artwork) on George’s Tumblr.

54 more werewolf illustrations & paintings from #Inktober

A. Quinton — Dec. 9th 2016

Two months ago I shared werewolf art highlights from the first week of world-wide monster-centric art jam #Inktober. Then I sort of ditched out on the back half of October and all of November, so as part of making amends to you, the faithful reader, (and to satisfy my own need to See All The Werewolf Art), I’ve picked up from where the last post stopped.

Here are some highlights from the spooky, clever, corny, funny, sexy werewolf art folks shared on Twitter and Instagram between October 7th and October 17th. I’ll post the 17th – 31st highlights soon. See something you really like? Let the artist know!

The feature image on this post is by Fredrik Eden.

#Inktober #7 #inktober2016 #werewolf

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Day 9: The moon's persuasive light #inktober #inktober2016 #werewolf #wolfman

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#Inktober Day 9, #werewolf are classy gents. Not all of them are vicious

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The struggles of the everyday Werewolf. #inktober day 10 #halloween #werewolf #spooky #monsterproblems

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Wherewolf? There wolf! #werewolf #wolfman #inktober #inktober2016 #sketch #drawing #cartoon #monster penbrush

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Inktober. Day 14. #werewolf, Duh! 😆 Always fun to draw. #inktober #inktober2016 #penandink #monster

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Day 14: #werewolf #drawlloween2016 #inktober #retro #cartoons #illustration #character #design #wolf #halloween

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Bernie Wrightson “Cycle of the Werewolf” Art Portfolio on Kickstarter

A. Quinton — Oct. 13th 2016

Bernie Wrightson and Nakatomi, Inc are collaborating on a deluxe fine art portfolio of Wrightson’s artwork for Stephen King’s 1984 calendar-turned-book, Cycle of the Werewolf.

This Kickstarter project is to fund a high-quality artist edition collection of the full color illustrations from Cycle of the Werewolf as a print set, along with a book collecting the Black and White illustrations and never-before printed concept and process sketches.

This campaign is less than two days old and it’s already raised over $45,000 against a $12,000 goal, with many of its limited quantity higher-tier rewards quickly on the way to being sold out. Those extra rewards include a 2017 calendar, a 1984 calendar(!), a t-shirt, and a special boxed set of prints featuring a real (inert) silver bullet and original hand-drawn Cycle of the Werewolf art from Bernie’s archives. Some images of the 2017 calendar reward and Bernie’s concept sketches are below.

The campaign ends on November 11th, and Nakatomi, Inc is optimistic that they can have backer rewards in the mail in time for those 2017 calendars to be hung on walls by January 1st.

I resisted the PCS Howling statue pre-order, but my financial restraint has crumbled. Cycle of the Werewolf stands with An American Werewolf in London and The Real Ghostbusters Now Comics #5 as a catalyst for a young AQ’s werewolf fandom. I simply can’t ignore the chance to own such high-quality editions of this artwork.

Thanks to Doruk G. for telling me about this!




53 werewolves from #Inktober’s first week

A. Quinton — Oct. 7th 2016

Now that the 10th month of the year is upon us, it’s time for Inktober, the self-directed month-long art jam that illustrators, painters, doodlers and artists of all types undertake as a daily practice. There’s an official site, but no one in my Twitter feed adheres to its seasonally agnostic list of prompts.

Every participant I know uses Inktober as an excuse to get even deeper into the spirit of Halloween and seems to be referencing one of multiple shared spooky daily prompt guides. It’s like Draw A Werewolf Day, every day!

Collected here in one place are 53 pieces of werewolf art I found on Twitter and Instagram, selected from this Inktober’s first seven days. Enjoy, and make sure you let the artists know you like their work!

The feature image on this post is a cropped segment of a piece by Camille Alaras.

Lunch break #inktober doodle. Pretty #werewolf #ink #sketch

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Day 3 transformation #inktober #ink #transformationtuesday #werewolf

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Day 4 – #inktober #inktober2016 #werewolf

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4. Werewolf #inktober #drawlloween

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Lonnie the Woofboy for #werewolfwednesday #NODDC #werewolf #wolfman #watercolor #inktober #october #halloween

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Day 5 of #inktober – "Werewolf"! #inktober2016 #werewolf #drawlloween #drawing

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Day 5: Werewolf/sad #inktober #inktober2016 #werewolf

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Wolfman (6/31) #inktober #drawlloween #drawlloween2016 #inktober2016 #wolfman

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Day 5 of #Inktober and #mabsdrawlloweenclub : Werewolf! Myla made a split-page transformation, and I made a cranky teenage were-girl.

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"Where o where did my kibble go?" #sad #werewolf #inktober #inktober2016 #mabsdrawlloweenclub

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“Werewolves Versus: Music” available for preorder, comes with advance MP3

A. Quinton — Aug. 26th 2016

wv03-advance-mp3The third issue of the digital “werewolves battle everything” magazine I edit, Werewolves Versus, is now available for pre-order! WEREWOLVES VERSUS MUSIC comes out on Tuesday, August 30th. It features over 150 pages of brand-new, never-before-seen werewolf stories, comics, art and essays, and a killer cover by Lew “Viergacht” Delport.

Like every WV issue before and after it, it’ll be pay-what-you-want, including $0, but right now I’m trying something new: if you pre-order it now for a minimum price of $1, you get an instant advance download of “As the Sun Sets”, the song my friend Colin Janz wrote as a contribution. Here’s how Colin describes the song:

This song is based on a character who built himself while I was writing. Every full moon, he transforms; however, he never remembers anything about his transformation, only that it happens. On full moon nights he travels to a grassy hill above his forested town, far away from people, to watch the light fade. But instead of succumbing to a torturous, violent experience, everything becomes hazy, peaceful and quiet, as if he was falling asleep to the sound of wind and morning songbirds.

Check out WEREWOLVES VERSUS MUSIC, or the previous two issues! All paid purchases of Werewolves Versus directly benefit its contributors and support the creation of future issues.

When you’re Rick Baker even your “unfinished sketch” of a werewolf makes fans like me lose their minds

A. Quinton — Apr. 12th 2016

Yesterday creature effects legend Rick Baker tweeted what he referred to as an “unfinished sketch” of a werewolf rendered in a style reminiscent of his 2010 Wolfman lycanthropes. Is this Larry Talbot posing with his own tombstone? I like dapper snarly werewolves and this fellow wrecked my damn shop.

Then today Rick followed the sketch up with a self-effacing note expressing surprise at the positive response it got. He “almost didn’t post it because it is so un dynamic”, he wrote.

The person who’s taken home two (2) Academy Awards for his Werewolf Work is sandbagging his own artwork online. The dude responsible for some of the most iconic werewolves of the past 35 years is surprised that fans like me want more. MORE! Your modesty becomes you, Rick, but come on – I could write an entire blog post about that gnarly badass clawed hand alone! RICK. You don’t elongate a palm like that by accident!

Rick’s tweets are embedded below. Follow him on Twitter at @TheRickBaker just in case he posts more of these “unfinished sketches” and you want to get your brain’s werewolf zone obliterated directly by the man himself.

Sonja Langskjaer animates a stylish, skin-shredding werewolf transformation

A. Quinton — Apr. 7th 2016

Via @Somnilux comes this dress- and skin-shredding werewolf transformation by animator Sonja Langskjaer (YouTubeInstagram). It’s “only 8 seconds” long but it’s animated so well that you’ll probably end up watching it five or six (or a dozen) times to catch all the details.


This nameless lady is a pharmaceutical executive who’s gone from hosting a high-rise penthouse cocktail party celebrating her company’s successful Q2 to preparing to annihilate the Treadstone-style assassins who are enacting some espionage shenanigans in the sub-level laboratories.

Okay, I made that up. But what’s undeniably true is that when she’s done transforming, this werewolf is still wearing her own skin as a stylish belt. You don’t mess with that.

You got werewolves in my creepypasta: “Bite of the Werewolf”

A. Quinton — Apr. 5th 2016

Creepypasta (essentially, spooky stories passed around on the Internet like urban legends) is a huge sub-genre of horror, with web sites, wikis and Reddit forums dedicated to its creation, dissemination and discussion.

My experience with creepypasta begins and ends with Kris Straub, who wrote the legendary, often-ripped-off story Candle Cove, and whose work in prosecomics and criticism has had more influence on me than any other creator in the horror space.

There are even YouTube channels dedicated to creepypasta, like Don’t Turn Around, created by Paul (writer) and Eddie (narrator). Paul and Eddie recently emailed me about their narrated story video “Bite of the Werewolf“, which I’m happy to share. The gist:

Jake lives in a castle in the middle of nowhere. He has been told to keep all the doors locked at night, especially on a full moon.

I wouldn’t call “Bite of the Werewolf” a great story, but from what little I know about creepypasta, it seems like a great example of the genre – simple set-up, something scary happens, then a twist ending. I posted a mini-review of it on Twitter last week:

More werewolves in all media, please, including broad, not-too-deep Internet-centric areas like creepypasta.

Meet artist Pierre-Alexandre Comtois

A. Quinton — Mar. 16th 2016

For today’s #WerewolfWednesday post I’d like to direct your attention to Pierre-Alexandre Comtois, a Vancouver-based traditional and digital artist of 15+ years and designer of some Paul Kidby-level charismatic creatures. His work often delves into the fantasy/alien zones, and werewolves frequently occur.

Pierre-Alexandre Comtois WerewolfI first saw Alex’s art by creeping on him while we were sitting across from each other on a train last autumn. Over the course of 45 minutes I surreptitiously watched as a staff-wielding winged gargoyle/alien materialized in his sketchbook. We had a short conversation right before we went separate ways at our stop, and he gave me his details on a scrap of paper that’s been on my desk ever since. I’m happy to have an excuse to share his work today.

You can can find his galleries of character concepts, digital illustrations and storyboards on Behance, Instagram and his portfolio site. He also very recently (as in Monday) resurrected his Twitter account. If you like his work (or if you have work for him), let him know!

Get this Snarlbucks Coffee mug

A. Quinton — Mar. 15th 2016

You need a new coffee mug.

Or tea mug. I don’t care how many you have already. Yes, I know all about the dusty ones at the back of your cupboard that you never get a chance to use because you rinse and refill the same one for three days straight. That’s gross. Put that crusty thing in the sink and get a fresh new one.

Oh, you “don’t drink caffeinated beverages”? Doesn’t matter. Somewhere in your house or office you’ve got at least one mug full of pencils, paintbrushes and highlighters, and I’m going to come in there in the night and knock it onto the floor like a giant cat, and it’s going to break. You’re going to walk in and see your scissors and nail files on the floor in a halo of shattered ceramic and you’re going to say “AQ was right to tell me I need a new coffee mug”.

Because you do. And you should make it this Snarlbucks Coffee mug by Cassandra Aponte, aka TeknicolorTiger, because the design is an excellent werewolf-themed improvement on the muddled character in the original, and Cassandra is a great artist who deserves the two bucks or whatever cut Redbubble gives her on this.

Important addendum: You can get this mug or anything else in her store for 20% off with the code GIMME20.