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Blood, beheadings, beasts & bar brawls: “Werewolves Versus Romance” is out now!

A. Quinton — Feb. 2nd 2016

Just in time for Valentine’s Day / Horny Werewolf Day (née Lupercalia) / “Eat a lot of chocolate and watch Netflix” day, here comes WEREWOLVES VERSUS ROMANCE! This is the second issue of the “werewolves + everything” magazine I make in collaboration with rad contributors, and I’m very excited and proud to share it with you.

In the first issue, we spent 84 pages visiting the 1990s. This new issue is over twice the size – 176 sweet pages of gory / violent / funny / sad / disturbing werewolf short stories, illustrations and comics, all on the theme of “what happens when you love and trust a fur-covered killing machine?”

Nineteen contributors worked incredibly hard for countless hours to make this issue a reality, and now you can download it for free or for whatever price you name. If you do pay, whether it’s $1 or $10,000, all proceeds go to the contributors and to producing future issues.

Thanks for your patience over the last few months as I worked to put this together – my posting schedule here on Werewolf News definitely suffered, but I think you’ll agree it was worth it. Check out Werewolves Versus Romance, and if you like it, let me, my collaborators, (and your friends) know!

WV02 Cover

Awesome Crystumes Costumes werewolf mask: what articulated ears you have!

A. Quinton — Nov. 28th 2015

The werewolf mask photo in this Crystumes Costumes tweet has been open in one of my browser tabs since Wednesday, and the accompanying video shows off the mask’s phenomenal design and articulations (those ears!).

This pulls me in two directions: vague regret that I abandoned the creature FX career path before I’d even really started down it, giddy delight that people like Crystumes (aka Crystal Michelle) are making such amazing stuff in their own homes.

Crystumes is not currently taking commissions, but you can see her works in progress on Patreon. She’s here in the Pacific Northwest so I have my fingers crossed that she might be at HowlCon next year so I can check out her work in person.

Here are your “WEREWOLVES VERSUS: Romance” contributors!

A. Quinton — Nov. 24th 2015

The werewolf-centric ‘zine I edit, WEREWOLVES VERSUS, is coming out with a second issue in early 2016. The theme this time is “romance”, a subject so broad and cliché that it’s just begging to get fucked up by monsters. That’s the point of WV! Check out the first issue, The 1990s, for an 80+ page demonstration.

To be notified when issue 2 is available for download, follow Argyle Werewolf on Gumroad, follow the Werewolves Versus Tumblr, or keep reading Werewolf News here or on Twitter.

Below is a handy index of issue 2 contributors, each of whom has whispered in my ear an excellent idea for a story, comic or illustration on the theme of “WEREWOLVES VERSUS: Romance”.

John Keogh’s werewolf vs. wrestler poster for The Mountain Goats now on sale

A. Quinton — Nov. 19th 2015

Remember this stunning tour poster John Keogh did for The Mountain Goats? I think of it often, because the song that inspired it gets shuffled into my earbuds on the regular, and because a print of it hangs in my office. Now, it can hang in your designated art area too.

Previously, there were only four ways to obtain this poster:

  1. be a member of The Mountain Goats. Hard to do if you’re not already there.
  2. be John Keogh. Also tough to manage if you’re just starting now.
  3. run a “werewolf stuff” blog and be publicly excited about the poster and lucky and be prepated when someone nice who also has access to a test print and the Topatoco shipping facilities DMs you on Twitter. Easier than the first two, but availability is limited.
  4. purchase it directly from The Mountain Goats merch table at a live show during the spring and summer of 2015. This was the easiest way, but it required advance planning, so if you didn’t already do it, sorry.

Except I’m not sorry! I’m excited – excited to tell you that this poster is now available to purchase directly from The Mountain Goats, in Spring and Summer configurations, for a mere $20. Go get it, friends!

Moody & beautiful “THE WOLF MAN” print from Tom Whalen on sale today

A. Quinton — Oct. 22nd 2015

Straight from the Tom Whalen’s strongstuffshop, THE WOLF MAN is a gorgeous print rendered in flat colours so much more evocative than anything in the Universal film it’s licensed from (no offence to  George Waggner or Lon Chaney Jr).

available in color edition or silver screen edition with metallic inks.

the poster is one of my run of artist proofs, a small run of prints separate from the timed edition that sold through dark hall mansion.

This 24″x18″ 4-color screenprint is numbered and signed by the artist, and can be yours for $45 USD when it goes on sale later today. If you spend $100 or more, use promo code FRANK at checkout to get this bonus print for free!

One could spend a hundred bucks pretty easily in Whalen’s shop, I think. Other classic Universal monsters including the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Bride of Frankenstein got the same lovely treatment. My personal favourite is this five-colour diptych featuring all seven of Universal’s monsters.


I need more disposable income, more walls, and less common sense.

Glasgow artist’s woodland werewolf was calibrated for maximum scares

A. Quinton — Oct. 16th 2015

Via Kelly P: a paint and cling-wrap art installation by “Glasgow based aerosol artist” Rogue-one, designed to traumatize the unwary hikers of Scotland.

I took a trip to Pollok country park and painted something to scare the dog walkers & mountain bikers 😈
Instagram @rogueoner

Imagine coming across this painting just after sunset, when the lighting is weird enough to activate the part of your brain that’s always scanning for large, pointy mammals that might eat you.

Rogue-one put this beast up on Tuesday the 13th, and according to Facebook comments, it was already trashed by the 14th. The artist was sanguine about it –”It’s done on cling film & doesn’t have much of a life expectancy” – and no wonder, considering the talent and prolificacy on display in his gallery. This guy can cling-wrap a werewolf any time he likes.

For a close-up look at this werewolf (and more of his incredible work), visit his Instagram page.

It’s October, so get your spooky profile picture commissions!

A. Quinton — Oct. 2nd 2015

It’s my favourite Twitter tradition! As soon as September ends, you have to perform two rituals:

  1. Change your Twitter username to a spooky derivative – equal parts scary and corny (eg. if you’re Marco Arment, you could be Marc O’Lantern).
  2. Get a profile picture to match. It has to be a picture of you, but Halloween-ified – you can’t just put up a stock image and call it good (unless you’re rocking a gimmick, in which case, you’re excused).

Finding an artist who’ll do a good monster portrait of you cheap and quick can be tricky, but three of my favourite artists are starting the month of Halloween October with special limited-time deals to help you out.

If you get a profile pic drawn by one of these people, mention @WerewolfNews on Twitter because I wanna see!

The flattering portrait of me at the top of this post is by Lew, who will get added to this list instantly if and when they start accepting this kind of commission.

Today is Draw A Werewolf Day

A. Quinton — Sep. 27th 2015

Quoting from Draw A Werewolf on Tumblr:

Tonight’s super ultra blood moon mega eclipse means you HAVE to draw a werewolf and tag it with #DrawAWerewolfDay or the moon will get really close to your house and crush it. Neil deGrasse Tyson confirmed it just now on a phone call that I did not record and will not share with you.

More info on DaWD here. Get drawing (regardless of how talented you think you are [or are not]) or that moon’ll smush you.

WEREWOLVES VERSUS THE 1990s is out now!

A. Quinton — Aug. 18th 2015

After ten weeks of effort from 16 contributors, I’m proud to say that 81 pages of “werewolves in the 90s” writing, comics, poetry, and art drops today! Each contributor brought their A-game and it shows. Every page of this thing is awesome, and you can download a copy right now!

It’s pay-what-you-want, but if you like what you see in there, maybe kick in a few bucks to show these monsters some love!


WEREWOLVES VERSUS THE 1990s: 60+ pages of 90s nostalgia & werewolves

A. Quinton — Jul. 28th 2015

It’s time to spread the news! I’ve been working on WEREWOLVES VERSUS, a twice-yearly digital zine in which werewolves are mashed up with different physical, cultural or ideological themes. Issue 1 is about the 1990s, and it’s out August 18th!

What is it? A full-colour 60+ page anthology of werewolf art, stories, poetry and comics. Inspired by the decade of skateboards, clam digger shorts, AOL disks and the colour aqua.

When? Available Tuesday August 18th through Gumroad as a digital (but printable) download. Click here to get notified when it’s available.

How Much? Pay what you want, including $0. All proceeds are split between participants, though, so any amount is greatly appreciated.

Who Did This? These 16 righteous dudes and dudettes:

This is my first time designing / editing / curating a publication, and it’s the most fun I’ve had in years. The amount and quality of the submissions is astonishing. Please check out the contributors linked above, and sign up to get a notification when the first issue of WEREWOLVES VERSUS is published. Thanks!