“Can I Pet Your Werewolf?” anthology full of werewolves you can (try) to befriend (or smooch)

A. Quinton — Jun. 7th 2017

Werewolf depictions¬†fall on a spectrum ranging from¬†“murder monster” to¬†“fluffy friend”. I tend to prefer the former, but every now and then¬†something comes along¬†‚Äď a children’s book or a plush toy ‚Äď that makes me say “aw, how sweet”, followed by “aw, shit, I definitely have to post about this”.

Kel McDonald and Molly Muldoon¬†are co-editing an anthology of “cute or goofy” werewolf stories (predominantly or maybe exclusively in comic format)¬†called Can I Pet Your Werewolf?¬†It’ll be available as a¬†PDF and as a physical book, funded by¬†a Kickstarter campaign¬†that’s currently on pace to be 100% funded in less than two weeks.

Can I Pet Your Werewolf? is a light-hearted anthology featuring tales of friendship, family, and romance shared between those who get hairy under a full moon. Just because they have sharp teeth and claws doesn’t mean they have to be a monster out for blood. It is organized by Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101¬†and¬†Misfits of Avalon) and co-edited by Kel McDonald and Molly Muldoon.

It contains 160 black and white pages of¬†stories by¬†Alina Pete,¬†Aud Koch,¬†Kendra Wells,¬†Mariah McCourt,¬†Aliz Fern√°ndez,¬†Meredith McClaren,¬†Monica Gallagher,¬†Rashad Doucet,¬†Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein,¬†Cat Farris,¬†Seanan McGuire,¬†Caitlin Like,¬†Shauna Grant,¬†Sophie Goldstein, and¬†Zach Lehner. Stretch goals include radical concepts like “paying our contributors more”, plus¬†goodies for you in the form of art prints by additional artists like Abby Howard and¬†Nina Matsumoto.

One of the backer reward levels includes a print by¬†Melanie Ujimori¬†and I really hope it’s the “werewolf pile” cover art she did. It takes a lot to make me post a “tfw” or “this is me” tweet, but folks, this is me.

I would describe Kel McDonald as “insanely hyper-competent” when it comes to publishing stuff through Kickstarter, so I have no doubt that this new project will be an adorable success. Check it out!

Thanks to @BlondieSheep and @eatyourlipstick for the link!