Current & upcoming werewolf movies: theatrical & home releases

A. Quinton — Jan. 24th 2015

Updated July 9th, 2016

Did you lose track of all the werewolf movies coming out lately? I did, and it’s kinda my job to keep tabs on them all! Here’s a cheat sheet to help you keep up on releases and plan your purchases or pre-orders.


  • Underworld: Blood Wars. The Underworld saga continues. Directed by Anna Foerster and starring Kate Beckinsale. Currently in post-production, with a theatrical release planned for January 2017.
  • The Wildness. Stoner ski-bum versus rich-kid werewolves. As of March 2016, in pre-production near Vancouver, Canada. Directed by Marcel Sarmiento.
  • Bad Vibes, starring Elijah Wood. A psychedelic werewolf cult versus “squares” in 1969. Was set to shoot in Austin in October 2015, so it’s probably in post production now.