DC wolfs out Batman and Superman for October

A. Quinton — Jul. 9th 2014

DC Comics is running a monster-themed variant cover for many of its titles this October, and the cover of BATMAN/SUPERMAN #15 features the two superheroes fully wolfed outJon Bogdanove and Alex Sinclair got me interested in two characters I haven’t thought about since the Baman Piderman Kickstarter in May. Supes, control those fur gauntlets, man!

There are some more great covers on Newsarama but this cover is the only one to feature werewolves. Thanks to Lauren for bringing this to my attention!

  • Ysengrim

    YES! Two greatest heroes of all time combined with the greatest monster from mythos, how is this not awesome?!

  • Mike Roukas

    This transformation should irreversible, become canon, and the Batman/Superman storylines should be fanged social satires aimed at comic book logic and the comic book industry as a whole. Maybe not Deadpool-level crazy, but still sharp.

  • Joey Liverwurst

    I echo everything Mike wrote.