WolfCop wins the big CineCoup prize: $1mil financing & theatrical release

A. Quinton — Jun. 10th 2013

Great news in Banff tonight: WolfCop has officially won the CineCoup film accelerator competition, securing $1 million CDN in financing and guaranteed¬†release in Cineplex theatres across Canada in Winter 2014! The announcement was made less than an hour ago, during a Final 5 panel at the Banff World Media Festival. As of this post the CineCoup web site hasn’t been updated, and I have a feeling the WolfCop crew are in full celebration mode right now (or they well be, once they’re done with the TV interviews), but I expect more details (hopefully including release outside Canada) will be available when the confetti and werewolf fur settle. Congratulations to¬†Lowell Dean, Bernie Hernando, Hugh Patterson and the rest of the WolfCop team!

WolfCop Wins!