86 sheep found slaughtered in France – Facebook cryptozoology group says it’s werewolves

A. Quinton — Sep. 25th 2012

Reader Nyetwerke shares this short article from France’s The Local: Town hunts werewolves after sheep attacks.

A flock of ewes were found dead by their owners, savagely killed and often with their throats cut, in the town of Les Mauges, near Nantes. Locals speculated a wild dog or a wolf may be to blame.

I’m thinking the locals are probably correct, but a sizeable Facebook group called Sauvons les loups garous français (“Save the French werewolves”) – created by Adrien Collineau and Martin Crépon – says the deaths are the result of werewolves who have “returned” to France, and that need to be saved. My French is terrible so I can’t tell exactly what’s going on there, but the images and videos posted to the group and its sister site all have a do-it-yourself aesthetic that makes me wonder if Adrien and Martin are serious, if they’re having fun… or if they’re trying to distract people from all the lambchops they’re selling out the back door.

  • Paul

    It’s says throats cut. That sounds like someone or a group of people killing the sheep not wolves nor werewolves, just “beastly” human behavior.

  • bwerewolves

    It wasn’t werewolves. The creatures don’t exist. If the cryptozoologists want us to know it was actual werewolves then they need to provide proof. But the only proof I know of is if we all had “real life encounters with the creatures.” I mean all of us together at once. So none of us is going to believe the other person if he or she claims to have had an actual encounter if they were by themselves. See what i’m saying?

  • I think it came out that it was a publicity stunt for the french broadcast of MTV’s Teen Wolf, at least that seems to be the case on the facebook page now.