Vote “Werewolf” in the “Cabin in the Woods” Monster Madness Tournament

A. Quinton — Aug. 16th 2012

To generate awareness of the impending Blu-ray / DVD / digital download release of The Cabin in the Woods, the film’s social media team has kicked off the first round in the Monster Madness Tournament on Facebook. The first match-up is Werewolf vs Merman. I don’t think there’s any question about who would win this – the Werewolf is a killing machine and the Merman can’t even walk.

You can vote for your choice by leaving a comment on the photo right on Facebook. I’m not sure what happens when a winner is finally declared. Maybe millions of the winning monster pour forth from a crack in the ground and devour us all! Hmm. Better vote for the Werewolf twice.

The Cabin in the Woods is available as a digital download on September 4th, and the physical media is available September 18th. You can pre-order the physical goods on Amazon right now, if you like. I sure have. I want to see those special features – anything to get a closer look at that incredible werewolf design.

  • I’ve seen more handsome Mermen in my day. This flopsy wobbler was just a novelty to see. Now onto winning Werewolves. <3

  • JustSomeWolf

    Can I place an order for a lot more photos of that awesome werewolf, please? :D

  • Craig J. Clark

    You can also get a good look at the movie’s werewolf by picking up The Official Visual Companion, which features quite a few stills of our favorite hairy beast.

  • Doruk

    I must say, I’m sad to be forced into this choice. I really liked the Merman design in this movie.

  • Craig J. Clark

    And you have to admit, he had a terrific entrance.

  • Voted!! I hope the werewolf wins!

  • Doruk

    Oh, boo, the merman won…

  • Yeah, it’s an outrage. His scene was funny, but come ON, that werewolf was a fuckin’ KILLING MACHINE.

  • Loup-garou

    J’ai voté pour le loup-garou évidemment

  • Voted….and who do you think for?

  • Anthony

    Lycan! DEFINITELY THE LYCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey

    The werewolves in this movie were amazing looking. There needs to be a movie made with these wolves.

  • Depends if it’s on land or in water, obviously!