Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos & video of werewolf suit & effects by Adrien Morot

A. Quinton — Jan. 9th 2012

The folks at at Adrien Morot Special Makeup Effects Studio in Montreal are responsible for some amazing creations, from creature effects and animatronics to unsettlingly life-like dummies. Adrien was even nominated for a 2010 Academy Award for his incredible age makeup in Barney’s Version (although that was the year The Wolfman won, which makes me feel vaguely guilty for some reason).

A while back Adrien emailed me with some questions and comments about Werewolf News, which I was happy to answer, but he made one fatal mistake: he let on that he and his crew had done some extensive work for a recent, widely-released werewolf film.  I’d seen glimpses of some awesome-looking werewolves in the film’s trailer, so I was keen to know more. (The film itself was <diplomacy>not great</diplomacy>, so I won’t get into it, but as The Wolfman reminds us, it’s possible to enjoy the eye-candy of great werewolf effects even if the film they’re in stinks.)

After badgering Adrian relentlessly for months (I guess he was busy, like, making more incredibly cool stuff), he was kind enough to provide Werewolf News some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and video of the werewolves’ builds and final results. Have a look!


“I have dreamed all my life to work on a werewolf movie,” he wrote in an email to me, “[and] when the producers approached me for this one, I simply couldn’t refuse.” I’m glad you didn’t, Adrien, and if another chance to create creatures like these comes your way, I hope you pounce on it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Matt Zielesch

    Where can I get me one of those?

  • werewolfwoman

    are these the werewolves from the howling reborn? if so the images look great but the completed suit shown in the film prove that poorly placed hair can really ruin a creature design. I don’t have to be diplomatic so i won’t, the new howling movie was absolute crap but the werewolf  costume design was the best part of the film, by far.  the Hair really dragged down the design of the werewolves, they looked like they were wearing hairy cowboy chaps, and lets be honest, they had rat tails. but really with all the horrible CGI werewolves it’s nice to see practical makeup effects and although i have some issues with the werewolves hair and tails, over all the werewolf suits are very well done.
    I am a werewolf purist, i love makeup effects and i hate CGI werewolves, so  i can appreciate this practical effect work  and it is nice to see good old fashioned werewolf suit.

  • I will have to agree with you on that I love werewolf makeup effects CGI werewolves just ruin the moives for the most part. Practical work is always best in my book.

  • The werewolves in The Howling: Reborn looked really good from the waist up. It was the legs/tail that didn’t turn out looking right.

  • i agree sir, old school Fx are way better and realistic. besides, the howling reborn didn’t have not even one transformation sequence. every werewolf movie has to have a transformation sequence.