Bye, George. Russell Tovey Leaves BBC’s “Being Human”

A. Quinton — Nov. 12th 2011

I love George. If you’ve seen the show, you love George too – and I don’t need to qualify that because you’re reading this post. He’s sweet, dorky, and a bad-ass werewolf – what’s not to adore? So, get ready to have your hairy little heart broken: as announced on his Twitter account and in this Guardian article, Russell Tovey has left BBC’s Being Human. Series 4 (airing 2012) will be the last in which he plays our favourite werewolf.

Tovey cites co-star Aidan Turner‘s departure from the show as a factor in the decision. “Aidan’s left to film The Hobbit in New Zealand,” he told The Guardian, “and going on without him on this fourth series felt strange.” That’s fine, that’s understandable, and it’s also deliciously ironic if you OH WAIT SPOILERS. Tovey’s other show Him & Her probably (definitely) had something to do with the decision as well – the first series was well-received, and the second series is currently earning positive reviews on BBC3.

Of course, George isn’t the only werewolf on Being Human, but dang, he’ll be missed. No word yet on how he’ll will be written out of the show– how would you do it, if you had a say in the story?

  • If Aidan has left the show, it makes sense that Russell would as well. I wish them the best.

    If I had the choice of a write-out for them however, since this will likely be the final season with two of the actors gone, the ‘moving on to greener pastures’ ending would work the best.

    I’m thinking something akin to 24 Season 4’s ending in that regard. In that season, Jack was supposedly killed to keep himself from ending up in a Chinese prison, but in the process of waking him back up, most of the troubles at CTU were wrapped up and Jack went on to form another life for himself for a few years. If Mitchell and George were to end the fourth season by helping Annie depart to the afterlife and they leave the old house in search of a new one, that would achieve similar ends.

  • Rshedwick

    Well I truly hope it won’t all ‘be a dream’ with the return of both characters – because lets face it – whoever fills their shoes has some mighty shoes to fill

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to have him go out doing something heroic and sappily life-affirming, like dying protecting his child or such like.  I want to weep, dammit.

  • I heard somewhere that what’s-her-face that plays Nina wants off the show too, so I have a feeling they’ll write them both off somehow. Otherwise they’d have to kill him off, because there’s no way he’d abandon Nina and the baby unless he stopped breathing. But then if they don’t end the show after that (which they’re not planning to…Toby Whithouse wants to keep going), where does that leave Annie?

  • William_wraithe

    Introduce a new werewolf into the mix, one that is part of a werewolf group that wants Josh’s baby. They kidnap Josh and then the new werewolf can move in on Josh’s girly. That way it is left open for him to come back (if that actually happens).

  • Obsidian Butterfly

    George. Not Josh. Wrong show.

  • tbam81

    They need to do this 4th series and then end it. The idea of this show was the original 3 dealing with these ‘powers’ (if you will) and trying to live normally, together. Take them out of it and it becomes something else entirely.