In Case You Missed It: Never-Before-Seen “American Werewolf in London” Transformation Storyboards

A. Quinton — Oct. 18th 2011

Digging through some marked-as-read emails, I found that I’d missed an email from reader Byron Dunn, who shared this Badass Digest article about An American Werewolf in London‘s 30th anniversary. Click the link, friends, and gaze upon the wonders contributed by Beware The Moon director Paul Davis: never-before-seen-storyboards of David’s first werewolf transformation, by concept artist John Bruno. Here’s one frame, showing David’s muzzle – click through to the article to see the rest!

  • Zockereinstein

    Well, as it can be seen from the pictures, it could have been even better… so there is still place to enhance the best werewolf transformation scene ever made. A good thing if someone is planning to film a remake not RUINING it. I really loved the pictures too.

  • Anonymous

    Storyboarding something like this, man, that would be a dream job! I wish movies would go back to these sorts of long, drawn out sequences instead of those crappy blink and you miss it morphs.