David Lapham’s Upcoming Comic “Ferals” Promises Fur, Claws & a Killer Story

A. Quinton — Oct. 23rd 2011

The magic of Google Alerts has brought to my attention an upcoming comic series written by David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Crossed: Family Values) and illustrated by Gabriel Andrade Jr. (Lady Death). If this interview at Bleeding Cool (and the issue 1 “gore” cover) is any indication, “Ferals” is going to be a delightfully fucked-up gore-fest – and with Eisner-winner Lapham at the wheel, you know the story’s going to be great.

“If you were longing for an HBO series about werewolves, forget that and buy FERALS,” Lapham says. “It’s everything that TV show would be if it existed — which it doesn’t — and more, because we have no rules. This is a solid series full of true horror and violence, and built on strong characters that has no limits in terms of where we take it.  No limits.”

Despite appearances, the creatures in Ferals aren’t strictly werewolves.

…this isn’t a take on the mystical werewolf, full moon and all that. This is about a different kind of person. There are different forms to them but they don’t change back and forth like the Hulk… There are several other tricks up a Feral’s sleeve, and we’ll see that and some other more altered forms of the Feral condition, but we’ll save that for the comics.

The title will be published by Avatar, and issue 1 should be out in January 2012. For more, read the full article at Bleeding Cool. Below are two more issue 1 cover treatments – a wrapper version, and the (NSFW) “gore” cover the wrapper is ostensibly covering. Werewolves or not, Andrade Jr. can draw some mean monsters.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why, but lately it seems like a ton of artists are drawing werewolves directly inspired by American Werewolf in London – the crazed eyes, broad forehead, short, heavily creased snout with a specific shape of nose, leonine mane and oversized canines are dead giveaways. Not complaining, mind you – that’s probably my all-time favorite movie werewolf – I’m just curious as to why. 

  • Kamacuras577

    Because it seems like these days the choices are either that or a BEETUUUTIFUL WUFFY.

  • Anonymous

    In that case, give me this any day XD
    I wonder, actually, if google has anything to do with it. At Werewolf-Horror we get people tracing or using photos in photomanips (against the TOS, of course) fairly often, and AmWolf comes up very high in google searches for “werewolf”. 

  • Kamacuras577

    Yeah well, that and it’s probably one of the most iconic werewolf designs from one of most iconic werewolf movies out there next to the Wolfman.

  • Slappyfin3

    Where can i get them :O? Are there ebook versions?