“The Howling Reborn” Blu-ray Cover & Release Date

A. Quinton — Sep. 1st 2011

Everybody’s favourite long-running, often-execrable werewolf film franchise is about to get another installment (or is it a reboot?). On October 18th The Howling: Reborn arrives on the optical format of your choice, as long as you choose either DVD or Blu-ray. I’d go with the Blu-ray – the dialogue in the trailer and the story described on the Anchor Bay web site don’t instill a lot of confidence, so if it turns out to be a Marsupials-style stinker I can turn the sound off and enjoy Adrien Morot‘s werewolf designs in silent freeze-framed comfort.

Hmm. Adrien once emailed me with some vague-but-promising comments regarding the work he and his colleagues did on this film, but I don’t see Reborn in his otherwise-comprehensive IMDB credits. What does that mean?

In any case, The Howling: Reborn. October 18th. It probably won’t have any Howling II-style “pack bonding” scenes, but it might still be good.


  • Anonymous

    Despite its many other failings, you gotta at least give Marsupials cred for epic insanity.

    Anyways, it looks pretty predictable but I’ll probably give it a watch.

  • I had the chance to see it, and it’s really dissaponting. is just a teenage love story that happens to have a few frames with a very poor werewolf costume. there’s no transformation sequence or any really remarkable about this movie. maybe the worst on the franchise.

  • Herpscott

    ^this :(


    Watched it the other night and erm they didn’t get this one right either