Legohaulic’s Astounding “Little Red Riding Hood” Lego Scene, Including Articulated Wolf

A. Quinton — May. 1st 2011

Werewolf News reader Crimson Beast sent me a link to this mind-blowing Lego creation by Tyler Clites, aka Legohaulic. Click the photo below for a slightly larger version, or visit the photo set on Flickr for two alternate views. Check out that monster! Check out those insane trees!

Legohaulic built this stunner in December 2010 as an entry in the Fairy Tale category of The Classic Castle’s CCCVIII contest, presumably from stock Lego parts. He doesn’t seem to have a web site or definitive profile anywhere, but Legohaulic’s Flickr gallery and Brickshelf gallery both show much more of his work (I love the Back to the Future DeLorean). Also on Flickr is a look at the werewolf on its own.

If instructions were available I’d be hitting up Pick a Brick right now. Nice work, Tyler!

  • I for one welcome our new Lego lycanthrope overlords.

  • Viergacht

    That is crazy impressive!

  • Doruk

    Nice nice nice!!! I would like to see instructions as well.

  • That is amazingly cool.

  • Patrick

    Dude this is amazing!!! I would like instructions too.

  • B. Dorr

    Lovely. Is there an Gary Oldman figure, too?

  • colton.s

    good sir if you could also link me the instructions to make my own maravlous master peice of a werewolf as you have this would be greatly apriachated!