MTV’s Teen Wolf “Transformation” trailer is less exciting than a single frame from an earlier trailer

A. Quinton — Apr. 30th 2011

MTV has released¬†“Watch The Transformation“,¬†another teaser trailer for their upcoming Teen Wolf series. A more accurate title might be “Watch A Slow Reverse Dolly As A Bare-Chested Tyler Posey Loses His Sideburns”. This is a transformation from werewolf form back to human, but either we join our hero when he’s already 90% done with the change or this is the most minimalist werewolf design since Jack Nicholson in “Wolf”. Judge for yourself. [Note: using a YouTube embed for this because WordPress is choking on the MTV embed code]

I understand that there are a number of different werewolf “types” in this show, some of them more monstrous than others (presumably the “villains”). I’m hoping we get to see more of these rumoured beasties before the June 5th debut. At the moment, I’ve only seen a single frame of footage from all of the trailers and teasers that interests me, and that’s from the official trailer that came out last month.

That’s right. A hand. A big clawed hand. All my hopes and dreams for this show hang from you, scary hand. Please take good care of them.

  • Komodo

    I like the minimalist approach.

    I do not like MTV.

    While the big clawed hand does look promising, don’t get your hopes up.

  • zockereinstein

    I just agree with the MTV isssue with Komodo. I prefer a full werewolf one. I mean, what I don’t really want is to watch a “serious” remake of Big Wolf on Campus, and speaking of minimalistic on these shows means “I have no budget for this”. So, you want to do a werewolf show with the same expenses of a vampire one, and the result is that you use some nails and fangs and say “this is a minimalistic werewolf”. Lame.
    But for me the ultimate insult was the werewolf hunters thing. As I’ve said in other forums, one of the biggest failures from the latest werewolf movies was moving them from horror into action. Yes, I’ve watched Dog Soldiers, but that is THE exception. In this case, I even doubt that they would fit well in the show, they are just here to add some “tension” between the main character and his new girlfriend, but I am sure that they could have done all this without such stupid twist in the plot.

  • My hopes for this series vanished a long time ago.

  • TheRedFear

    Guys, you need to suck it up and quit hating.

    First off, the “Minimalist Approach ” = Sheer Brilliance

    Don’t get me wrong now. My first, deepest, and only true love with always be the full-monty “Crinos” form Werewolf. Large Ape-like body, wolf head. Nothing could ever hope to be as badass as that.

    But Werewolves have languished behind Vampires in television, books, movies, etc, for two reasons. Big hairy monsters are not sexy, and big hairy monsters that don’t look ridiculous on camera are next to impossible to accomplish even in big budget movies.

    I was toying with an idea for years to write a Graphic Novel that specifically had this precise kind of minimalist werewolf design for the express purpose of making sure the character retains a certain marketable sex appeal. My version could also go into the Crinos hybrid form under certain specific circumstances, but that tended to be rare and undesirable for various reasons

    Secondly, people whine and complain that this won’t be horror. It’s action. Well GREAT!!

    The line between action and horror blurs often. And I hate to break it to you, but you can’t build an ongoing series on the premise of Horror. it just doesn’t work. It’s impossible to consistantly scare and disturb people week after week, because the human animal grows very jaded, very quickly.

    Emphasis on action provides a consistant and weekly thrill, fun, and excitement that keeps people coming back for more, while allowing them to occasionally drop a horror bombshell on us(Probably during Sweeps Week). So once again, a brilliant decision.

    My only real gripe about this is using the name “Teen Wolf”. They should have come up with something else altogether, but ces la vie.

    If you so badly want Crinos/Hybrid form werewolves, and pure Horror wolves, then you MUST watch this show. You must do everything you possibly can to support this show.

    Vampires have consistantly proven that they are marketable, and profitable to studio executives. That’s why you can find an endless and constant variety of vampires out there on the market, in every form of media from comics to big budget blockbusters. We have sexy vampires, funny vampires, mutant vampires, sci-fi vampires, action vampires, stupid vampires, and of course, the occasional SCARY vampire.

    The scary vampires could not exist at all if not for the far more marketable sexy, action, and funny vampires. The only reason some writer occasionally gets to give us a scary vampire is by piggybacking on the success of the action and sexy vampires.

    So the Werewolf community DESPERATELY needs sexy, action Werewolves to break through the ceiling and pave the way for the scary ones.

    If Teen Wolf fails, the only message that will send to studio executives is the same one they’ve been getting for years: Werewolves don’t sell.

    Good luck getting your scary werewolves after sending that message.

  • FSR

    After i found this better Teen Wolf clip, i decided to give Teen Wolf a shot. I hope made the right decision.

  • Viergacht

    That’s pretty damn cheap looking, and I LIKE wolfmen.

  • B. Dorr

    Just hit me with a keg of beer.

  • Meagan

    I cant wait for this to show, i hope they do well, no van surfers or proms with disco suits…