Joe Dante Brings Werewolf & Vampire Teen Romance “Monster Love” To Party, Also Brings PS2 & Vanilla Coke

A. Quinton — Feb. 19th 2011

Shock Till You Drop brings us the discouraging news that The Howling director Joe Dante is trapped in 2003: he’s starting preproduction for Monster Love, a horror-comedy film that chronicles a forbidden romance between “a werewolf and a vampire [who] fall in love, igniting a war between their respective communities. It’s ROMEO AND JULIET with fangs”. Experiencing déjà vu? Hang on, it’s about to get worse. Here’s a bit of the synopsis:

After PETE, a young dogwalker, gets dumped by his girlfriend, his slacker buddies convince him to run naked through the city park. As the moon rises, the boys laugh, howl, and transform… Later, a distraught young woman named MAGGIE is contemplating suicide when she’s surprised by an enormous wolf. She snarls, baring her vampire fangs. The wolf grins and barks: Let’s play!

This has got to be a mistake or a joke, right? Werewolf-vampire romance is not interesting anymore, if it ever was. Underworld made it (sort of) sexy, Twilight killed it and Jason FriedbergAaron Seltzer defiled the corpse with Vampires Suck. I just can’t imagine how Monster Love is going to do anything new with this paper-thin concept.

  • zockereinstein

    … and Freeborn movie project was cancelled just because “there were many upcoming werewolf movies out there”. Isn’t it ironic?
    What is really painful for me is how down has Joe Dante fallen. What has happened with those “visionaries” from the 80’s? We had some lame 90’s and 00’s deceptions. And now this.

  • If this were being made by anybody else I would be just as quick to dismiss it, but I’d like to think that Dante will be able to make something interesting out of it. At the least, it might actually be genuinely funny (as opposed to Vampires Suck, which wasn’t worth the celluloid it was printed on).

  • I’d totally take him up on the vanilla coke though. I miss that stuff.

    Dropped you a note about comics stuff, btw.

  • Roukas

    Hold on, let me help the synopsis out:

    Rob Schneider derp de dupe, and Pete thought he had his life all figured out until it all went “to the dogs!” Meanwhile, young vampire Maggie is “rabid” for love and understanding . . . until a young werewolf “pounces” into her life! Then the hairy hijynx kick up a notch when the two discover that in spite of their differences, they really have more in common than they think! But will their dour families be able to tolerate the “shift” and the “change” that such a union brings upon their respective cultures? Don’t miss this summer romantic comedy that co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Jenifer Love Hewitt, as you and your family will be “howling” with laughter!

  • Becca


    I’m getting SO sick of werewolves and vampires being paired up. Good Lord.

  • Andres

    Well this is not just like underworld or twilight.. i mean.. edward is not in this movie.. i think i’ve not seen any decent werewolf movie since the howling or american werewolf in london. IT’S BEEN 30 YEARS!! come on!!

  • Wolf, Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers were all decent. And the director’s cut of The Wolfman remake did much to make up for the general crappiness of the version that was seen in theaters. I do agree, though, that it’s been far too long since we’ve seen a genuinely great werewolf flick. I doubt this will be the one, though.

  • Andres

    I agree Greg, there has benn some good movies in the past years, but to make a werewolf movie U HAVE to make a good werewolf transformation sequence. nowadays is all CGI, and even with that technology they don’t make a decent TF.

  • Viergacht

    Well, hopefully it’s not completely played out, I’m still writing my book . . . although it’s weird and gross and not at all like Twilight. Or this.