“The Werewolf Cathedral” – A “Religion” for “Werewolves” or Opportunistic Bullshit?

A. Quinton — Jan. 28th 2011

A while back, Werewolf News reader Henry Collins sent me a link to The Werewolf Cathedral, a site purporting to be the home of “the world’s only International Werewolf Religion & Secret Society”. I’ve only just had a chance to check it out. As someone who runs a satirical web site for an international supernatural law enforcement agency I’m interested in the weird and amazing self-contained worlds these kinds of sites can describe. At a glance it’s clear the site takes itself very seriously– could this be a marketing effort for an upcoming game or movie? Maybe an elaborate construct forming part of the back-story for a role-playing game? A so-straight-faced-it’s-funny site selling a novelty item, like the SRA? Nope, nope and nope. It’s a site using a combination of Satanism, teenage wish fulfillment and quasi-New Age spirituality to sell $35 “memberships” to what the proprietor describes as “an occult church based on my own personal philosophy, ideas, and knowledge of the occult”.

I’m a fan of werewolves, and I’m also a pretty open-minded person, but this bugs the shit out of me and I can’t quite articulate why. Maybe it’s the way the site uses the werewolf as a method of making miserable teenagers feel empowered through escapism (“Have you ever felt that modern morals and ethics are anything but moral and ethical in relation to nature and how it really is?”). Maybe it’s the continued espousal of grab-bag magical thinking and faux-spirituality– a tiresome offshoot of werewolf fandom that’s still popular with people who are also fans of hippy-dippy bullshit. Or maybe it’s just the cult-like promise of enlightenment and inclusion in exchange for a modest payment. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

The Werewolf Cathedral is a large site with a lot of content– an obvious labour of love. But a love for what? Werewolves? Spiritual truth? Or power?

  • Joey

    I remember when werewolves were fun. Actually, they still are. But I also remember being told werewolves are very spiritual and serious, and to consider them anything less serious is akin to pornography. How about this? You can make up religions about them and knock yourself out as long as I can continue to enjoy something I merely think is really cool.

    As for the $35 fee, sounds like a gullibility tax.

  • Mark

    I’ve seen this happen so regularly you can just wait for the next “church” to pop up and take something that is both scary and exciting and non-standard to make it as “society”.
    $35 fee? Nice bit of cash to get for… what exactly? Social bragging rights? :)

    Werewolves don’t need a “church”, the ones serious about their spiritualism know their truth already. Of course getting in contact with others would be a nice bonus, but at what cost?

    Unfortunately, making a convincing site with a lot of content will easily ensnare especially the young and gullible, and that is the whole premise: power and money. Nothing new; seen it before, and very non-werewolfy of the founders ;-)
    (if they would ask for 5 lb of sirloin as a fee, on the other hand…)

  • Berserker

    After looking over the site, it seems that they’re using the name “werewolf” as surface-level symbolism only. Nothing about their spirituality, their reading list (which hilariously places Bruce Lee alongside Aleister Crowley,) or their merchandise really has anything to do with werewolfery at all. Suffice it to say, I can’t imagine many teenagers being attracted to this site, given the relative obscurity of it’s content and the lack of flashy things that go whizz-boom.

    It reminds me of some of the old shitty occult sites in the days of geocities, that snatched up everything they could find that remotely sounded occult and mashed it together into one laughable mess.

  • Sam

    Ohh gods, “The Werewolf Bible”, srly???

  • This was still by far the worst example of “werewolves:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q77sJT8O56E (KENS-TV (5), San Antonio, Texas)

  • “We believe in Social Darwinism, from a non racist perspective.”

    Wow. Huh.

  • Lykeaus

    That symbol in the upper right-hand corner of his website is quite troubling,
    being that is the German symbol of the “werwolf”, the insurgent group that was
    supposed to fight and terrorize the allies as they occupied Germany at the later stages
    of WWII. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werwolf
    Any idiot or asshole that would use such imagery as a symbol for his “church” is
    demented, juvenile, or both…

  • Berserker

    He probably doesn’t know what it is. I’m sure he just googled for some clipart of “werewolf symbols” and put it together in MSpaint.

  • The werewolf aspect seems to be smokescreen, and a thin one at that. I would hope most teenagers are clued up enough to leave it well alone.

  • Like someone said above, it’s like those rubbish ‘occult’ sites from back in the days of Geocities. To be fair though, “a tiresome offshoot of werewolf fandom that’s still popular with people who are also fans of hippy-dippy bullshit” is a succinct and hliarious description of This Kind Of Thing (see also: most of Goldenwolf’s fans), and thus I salute you.

    Also, reading through that crappy site gives me something to do while I’m waiting for stuff to download.

  • Berserker

    To be fair, the offshoot of werewolf fans you term “Goldenwolf’s fans” wouldn’t touch this site with a 10-meter cattle prod. Although their ideal werewolf is no more terrifying than a Hallmark greeting card, at least they’re not trying to start up a cult and charge people $35 for entry.

  • Jeff Goldberg

    You fail to see how what is written on the FAQ page. “To become a Lifetime Member you must be at least 25 years old, As well as legal age of adulthood in your country. ” So your statements are pure slanderous at best. However that would actually take some time and effort to find, which you obviously did not. Also the symbol you speak of predates nazism, just because the nazi’s stole something doesnt make it theirs…. They stole a majority of the world, and my people, the jews, for a short time, then lost it, doesn’t mean it was ever theirs…. Come on people God gave you brains, use them.

  • Abraham Levi

    You might be interested to read an article this Cathedral wrote in response to this one. I myself think they, the werewolf cathedral, have a point. http://www.werewolfcathedral.com/twcinthemedia.htm

  • Lykeaus

    Mr. Goldberg,
    I must respectfully disagree. The use of a symbol, such as the swastika, by the nazi
    party forever connected it, as well as the other symbols used, such as the ‘wolfspike’
    that is used on that site, with the notorious and foul misdeeds of the nazi party. The
    swastika and the wolfspike are still used as symbols for neo-nazi groups the world
    over. The use or misuse of symbols by a dark political force will unfortunately tie them
    forever to the cause and history of that dark time. But, if you refute this, please by all
    means don the mark of the swastika or the wolfspike, and try to explain your point to
    every passerby who will not walk or run the other way from you…

  • Berserker

    I call BS. You just google image searched for “werewolf symbol” and found the damn thing and used it. I just did the same search and got the same thing, it’s so painfully obvious. It’s a nazi symbol, you found it and used it stupidly, and you can’t back out of this one.

  • It’s the Internet. This is not Serious Business. This is a blog. I’m not a “journalist”, I’m a guy who likes werewolves. Opinions are shared. I shared mine, and it’s generated some discussion (and probably a lot of traffic for the Cathedral). Everybody wins!

  • Jefferson Merovich

    The name Wolfsangel appears in a 1714 heraldic handbook, Wapenkunst, associated with a different symbol: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfsangel#Origins Last time I checked Nazism wasn’t around during the 1700’s…

  • Amanda

    Here is an interview with the Werewolf Cathedral, where they explain their beliefs and why they’re not a scam and all that. Pretty interesting. http://www.werewolves.com/exclusive-interview-with-the-werewolf-cathedral/

  • Wr Wulf

    I am a member of the werewolf cathedral.
    And I don’t laik de crap that yu pepl talk about us here.

    To be clear, the first thing ‘s the werewolf cathedral is not a money minting site.
    Second, being a member isn’t so easy. Paying off $35 doesn’t make a member.

    The selection of members comes from the inner order. Wherever you are, the church will study you without your knowledge and if they find you useful then you are inducted otherwise no. You can become a lifetime member or can even rise to priesthood with or without $35.

    You may think there is a large throng of werewolves inside our cathedral but no; w are altogether less than 20(twenty) thinly scattered across the world.
    We have the liberty to practice any religeon that we like even as a werewolf.

    If you wanna be a member then apply the registration and prove yourself !
    I will disclose my identity only after you too become a member.
    See you inside the cathedral !

  • wolffy

    this is sick as hell… I am a christian and have an obsession with werecreatures… really…? the website was founded by the church of satan. wtf