First photo of the eponymous werewolf from “Big Bad”

A. Quinton — Jan. 20th 2011

1313FX’s Tom Devlin recently had a brief chat with Dread Central (you guys! always getting the exclusives!) about his creature work on the upcoming upcoming horror/dark comedy film “Big Bad”. There’s also a longer, rather interesting discussion with producer Rick Moore about the film’s story (three kids locked in an abandoned prison overnight are stalked by something sinister), its production ethos (Monster SquadThe Goonies and Gremlins are mentioned) and the production’s approach to the creature effects:

“You read a lot about some filmmakers who don’t like CGI and want to do everything old school and also those who swear by the freedom that computer-assisted effects give you. We are actually firmly in the middle. We knew from the beginning we wanted a detailed, scary monster on set – one that could emote and perform everything written in the script. 1313FX and Brad Bishop completely delivered on this front. For some more complex scenes we may duplicate parts of the monster or enhance a set in order to achieve a certain shot that would have been too difficult or expensive under our time and budget restraints.”

The Dread Central article is accompanied by a number of in-progress makeup photos and an image of the film’s poster, but the one photo I think you’ll be most interested in doesn’t seem to be there anymore, despite posting it and crediting Dread Central as the source. Weird. Anyway, the photo I’m referring to is of the werewolf creature effects. Check it out below.

I’m not going to lie to you, Marge. I like it. There are definitely some things I would do differently with the creature design (somebody get this werewolf some Dream Cream), but damn if he isn’t rather scary. And check those abs!

Read the Dread Central article or visit the official “Big Bad” Facebook page for more info.

Hat tip: ArcLight

  • Joey

    Reminds me of the Maxx FX werewolf that never got released.

  • The references to The Goonies and The Monster Squad worry me. I’m hoping this lands more on the Gremlins end of the spectrum.

  • michael

    last time I watched a werewolf movie with the words “Big Bad” in the title, it was the most disgustingly awful piece of trash I’d ever witnessed (until Twilight). I’m not getting my hopes up for this one.
    And speaking of Twilight (ugh), how come there’s no coverage of Catherine Hardwicke’s new movie on this site? I know ignoring her and everything she does from now on is a tempting idea, but like it or not, she is making a werewolf movie now. Sure, it’s probably about as much of a werewolf movie as Twilight was a vampire movie, but I’d be really interested to see the reaction it draws here.

  • WW

    Looks like a hobo with a skin condition. And what’s with the polyp nose?

  • Thrash

    Looks like Jim Hensons Storyteller caught Lycanthropy

  • Axel

    The werewolf would be neat and scary if it didn’t have a big clown nose and funny wrinkle nipples.

  • Joey

    Just to clarify: I liked it.

  • Hey, Michael, that “Big Bad” werewolf movie wouldn’t happen to be Big Bad Wolf, would it?

    And Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood was mentioned a while back when the trailer was released online. To say I’m ambivalent about it would be a gross understatement.

  • michael

    Yeah, Big Bad Wolf. I don’t know if that movie was meant to be funny and failed, or if it was meant to be scary and failed. The key thing is that it failed. I switched it off around the point where the monster was raping some girl and tearing out some guy’s genitals. There’s a difference between being over-the-top and just being gross. I think I heard somewhere that it was meant to be funny, but then again Friedberg and Seltzer movies are meant to be funny too.

    I guess I forgot about Red Riding Hood getting a mention on here before. It was in the headlines recently on a couple of other sites with a new trailer, and I guess I just didn’t remember it being mentioned on here before.

  • “I switched it off around the point where the monster was raping some girl and tearing out some guy’s genitals.”

    Well, I know what’s getting bumped to the top of my Netflix Queue now.

  • I’ve got to say this beast has the skin-and-bones look. He needs to go raid a cow pasture and get some more meat under his skin. Unfortunately, the lighting and photography angle didn’t do this photograph or scene any justice, particularly with the bulbous nose.

    Michael: “Red Riding Hood” was mentioned here. I’ve seen the trailer. The part “From the Director of ‘Twilight'” in the trailer ought to give you a clue. I’ve seen the trailer and it does look and sound like “Twilight.”