The Most Bad-Ass Werewolf Suit of Halloween 2010

A. Quinton — Nov. 15th 2010

Christopher Reeves sent me this photo of the werewolf suit he put together for Halloween 2010. Let’s all just stare at it in silent jealousy for a moment, shall we?

My inspiration was “American Werewolf of London” meets “Underwold”. The head and legs were sculpted and cast in latex using a kit from Monster Makers. The stilts were based off of the Gryphern design and slightly modified. The teeth and gums were sculpted and cast using dental acrylic. The body is a spandex body suit that I sewed the muscles into and painted latex on top of it. The forearms and eyes are the only items I actually purchased. Then everything was airbrushed and fur was added. I also installed some led booklights from the dollar store behind the eyes to make them light up.

There’s nothing about this suit that I don’t love. The fur, the colouring, the face, the claws. Nice flippin’ work, Christopher. You set the bar pretty high for next year!

  • B. Dorr

    The eyes look like they’re about to pop out. Other than that, bon appetite. Beautiful creation.

  • Aww, puppy is happy to see you :)

    And gnaw on your bones whilst he’s at it o.o

  • @Foxdie: He can gnaw on -my- bo…. wait, nevermind.

    Yeah, saw this on DA a little while back and goddamn it’s awesome. Bug-eyes maybe not so much but everything else is great.

  • zockereinstein

    Incredible piece of artwork. It is much better than many costumes used in mainstream werewolf movies…

  • KaiserReed

    Bug eyes? When a werewolf is attacking you, I don’t think it would be squinting. I love the eyes, especially in the other pic where they are lit up. Awesome job!!!

  • ArcLight

    Wow. That’s just…wow….

  • Love it. Want one.

  • Berserker

    Where are the sparkles? :(

  • Rogue Android

    I want something like this just for everyday wear. I’m serious.

    The bulging eyes are awesome…everything I’ve ever been afraid of has always had freaky-ass eyes like that…and if a werewolf can’t scare me just a little, then he’s just not that great a werewolf.