Get ready to cringe! Dialog from The Howling III + a solid gold quote from The Howling II

A. Quinton — Sep. 30th 2010

The last line of dialog in this clip from The Howling III is making the rounds today as a candidate for “the worst line ever” in a movie. I… I might agree with that. It’s definitely one of the lowest points in an already cringeworthy movie. But coincidentally, there’s a short exchange in The Howling II that never fails to make me chuckle with genuine glee:  Jenny, What’d He Say? [mp3]. So absurd! Ben, you skeptical fool!

  • Viergacht

    Both those movies fail utterly as horror, but succeed brilliant as dadaist comedy.

  • ArcLight

    Now seriously…there’s a ton of worse lines than that one from HIII. Heck, there’s plenty worse lines in HIII.

  • MarkOne

    Let’s not forget Howling 7, where every line of the entire story was awful.

  • The thing about The Howling III that always gets me is the fact that the remote werewolf village is called Flow. Seriously? That would be like traveling under the assumed name Larry Toblat.