This Button Will Leave No Doubt Whatsoever

A. Quinton — Jul. 8th 2010

I saw this button by TobisMiniBoutique and I liked it. Let me tell you why: I like werewolves, and I like chunky, bold vector designs. I also like things that eliminate confusion, and if you’re sporting this button on your torn shirt, no one will wonder why you’re hunched over the mauled corpse of a mailman, covered in gore and gnawing on a femur. You can buy this button for $1.59 CDN, which seems like a pretty reasonable price for such an instructive communication tool.

  • PDXWerewolf

    I can hear those guys at “Werewolf Guide to Life” calling this one out and condemning it. After all, it does go against the rule of avoiding detection. Wearing this button could lead the button wearer to be hunted or chased by fur chasers.

    However, this button is likely made for the likes of “Twilight’s” Jacob Black, who is commonly mistaken (or accurately referred to) as a Siberian husky or a sled dog. I’m just saying.

  • Roukas

    I can see where you’re coming from, PDX. The Jacob / Edward drama has dealt a critical blow to free-spirited wolfiness everywhere. There are ways to circumvent it or give it a sharp jab, but it’s a struggle! X)

  • I love that button! As a fellow werewolf and vector fan, I don’t think I can resist buying one. :)